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May 12, 2018
More glamorous than the 1974 version but same great acting. Leonardo DiCaprio did an excellent job of playing the role that Robert Redford mastered. Excellent acting
May 11, 2018
Leo Is Amazing on the Movie Beautiful history LOVEEEEEEEEE And The Oscar for Best Actor Goes To - Leonardo Dicaprio
½ May 1, 2018
Tranne qualche sporadica incoerenza narrativa nella prima parte del film, qualche dialogo non adatto allo schermo e alcune scene piuttosto convenzionali, "Il Grande Gatsby" intrattiene grazie al suo stile unico e personaggi ben caratterizzati. Spettacolari le sequenze durante le feste, coreografate e dirette a meraviglia, con scenografie e costumi incredibili. Le musiche che accompagnano il film sono modernizzate e aggiungono un tocco vintage ma innovativo a tutta la pellicola. Sotto gli aspetti tecnici il film non perde mai colpi, sotto l'aspetto narrativo a volte arranca, ma nel complesso si tratta di un'esperienza solida e fedele al famoso romanzo.
½ April 13, 2018
perhaps more over-the-top than the classic novel, but luhrmann translates his vision convincingly and the leads, especially dicaprio, are idiosyncratic and meaningful.
½ March 19, 2018
Ergh this is awful, one of my favourite novels reduced to a fairground ride of eye popping CGI nonsense. Tobey Maguire wanders around like a moronic Peter Parker who stumbled onto the wrong set, may as well have just let him swing around in his Spidey suit it would have made as much sense. Abysmal.
March 18, 2018
I just watch it lol and it's 2018. I saw a clip on Instagram and wanted to watch it. Literally made me cry. Big plot twist, I just loved it.
March 15, 2018
This movie would be great if it was 300
March 9, 2018
A silly film by a silly director filled to Star wars prequel levels with obvious green screen, ropey cgi, and ott editing decisions. it's robbed of so much of the novel's weight thanks to its flamboyant mounting, but - it does in many ways provide significantly more entertainment value than the book, which is a feat in itself (that shit is boooooring). But honestly, tehre are so many incredibly cringe worthy scenes contained within here that you cant help but think baz luhrmann really believed he could merge moulin rouge with arguablY *the* Great american novel, and that he did not quite succeed.
February 12, 2018
Loved it! And of course, like with all Baz Luhrmann's movies, you should buy the sound track as well . . . soooo good!
½ February 9, 2018
I'm pretty sure I saw this? I don't think I was super impressed.
January 15, 2018
A pretty solid film, The Great Gatsby lacked emotion though, but it looked gorgeous!
½ January 7, 2018
This is a very uneventful movie. With the talent not only on screen but also behind the camera this movie should have been a massive hit. This movie is the complete opposite by focusing so much on the visuals of the movie over the actual story.
One big thing about movie's based on books is the fact that they have a high chance that they might be bad, but you can look at the Harry Potter movies as well as the Shawshank Redemption which are very enjoyable movie. The Great Gatsby is one of the most well know novels in history and this is one of two movies and this movie is not good.
I would say there are much better films to watch then this one especially ones with DiCaprio.
December 31, 2017
This is touching love story movie. you may feel it is boring at the beginning, however you will find it is ok good.
December 30, 2017
It's party time old Sport. Definitely style over substance but who cares? When a film is as good as this you just sit back, watch and enjoy
½ December 23, 2017
I enjoyed this story and thought it was typical DiCaprio performance
November 28, 2017
fav movie in the whole wide world
November 22, 2017
So I got through about 30 minutes. Please never have Jay Z 'cultivate' another soundtrack to a Roaring Twenties movie. The visual presentation was wonderful, the dialogue accurate, but the mood was never set. The details were lost in excess of material presentation, similar to how the main characters in Fitzgerald's novel traded away their humanity for lavish riches as they ran over the poor.
November 21, 2017
An interesting but certainly not must -see film
½ October 23, 2017
Bright lights, loud music and bombastic parties can't save this retelling of The Great Gatsby from mind-numbing mediocrity.

2.5/5 stars
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