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½ April 17, 2017
I really enjoyed this part. Like I said in my "Mockingjay Part 1" review it seemed this entire book was written to please the fans/didn't know how to end the series/get the biggest react. However part 2 was done extremely well and actually caught my attention unlike part 1.
Which I fell asleep watching, making me have to re-watch it.
April 16, 2017
Well, that was rather disappointing unfortunately. Not that I can say that I am very surprised though. The first installment in the series started off being "okayish" and the rest of them slid downwards towards mediocrity. This, the final installment, is a notch below mediocre as far as I am concerned. I really cannot understand all the hype about these movies. None of them really shines even if you try to look at them as young adult movies which they really are.

This one was downright boring. There were numerous scenes where Katniss or some other character was just dreaming away or sitting around brooding. It took quite a while for anything to start happening in the movie.

When something started happening it was the same mess of political, unbelievably stupid, propaganda, messy and unintelligent fight scenes, Katniss walking around looking, I do not really known, disconcerted, sad, disturbed, whatever.

How the chief villains (yes plural) was one could figure out without too much effort. The moment the flyer came into the picture and started to fly over the refuges and the children not only I but all of my kids as well guessed who had sent it.

There is really only two things that I liked about this movie. One is that Donald Sutherland was really good. The other is the ending which, although being 100% predictable, was quite satisfying. Well, that scene (everyone having seen the movie knows which scene I am referring to) is where I consider the movie to have ended. After that it was only boring filler scenes remaining.
April 8, 2017
A really decent finale to what was eventually a decent series of films.
½ April 5, 2017
May the odds be ever in your favor? This is the ultimate question as everyone gathers to watch Katniss Everdeen fight President Snow in the final chapter of the Hunger Games. With a lot on the line and everything to lose, the mockingjay and her rebel friends take on the most powerful forces possible...but just like the games, nothing is what it seems and loyalty and trust comes with an ultimate price. This film in itself is great with a lot of action and jaw-dropping suspense. However, fans of the books will notice slight differences between the novels and the films and might take offense to how this movie may end. Overall though, the entire movie series is packed with everything someone is looking for in a film (i.e. action, romance, etc...). So sit back and get ready for the ultimate Hunger Games ever because this time you just may win!!!
½ April 4, 2017
Se acaba la historia de Katniss Everdeen, se cierra el ciclo y resulta entretenido y en cierta medida satisfactorio como final para la saga; claro está que nunca se logra el efecto que se consiguió con la primera cinta de esta franquicia, pero está bien para darle closure al tema.
April 1, 2017
Honestly, I thought it was VERY weak.
½ April 1, 2017
This isn't an explosive finale, and it's not supposed to be. While there is action, the action is quiet brooding and few and far between, not loud and filled with non-stop shoot-outs and explosions. This movie is supposed to be a poignant tale of the effects of war and not an action movie, even though the book did do certain things better, this is still a fantastic conclusion!
½ March 30, 2017
There is a time and place for subtlety and apparently civil war era Panem is not that. Even with all the cheesy dialogue and over the top plot points, it isn't entirely clear what The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 wants to be. It seems like there is the makings of a gritty anti-war film somewhere hidden in there, but too often it gets overwhelmed by the nostalgia of the first Hunger Games films.

The plot is basically this. OK, well not as ridiculous as that. But there isn't much to separate it from the countless other post-apocalyptic(ish) young adult stories like Mazerunner or Divergent. That doesn't mean it's bad, just not as interesting as the first films (even if that was basically stolen from Battle Royale, but there is no reason to go down that road again). There is a lot of potential to be had. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is tired of seeing death and destruction in war and being used as a symbol. First she was used by the powers that be and now by the resistance.

There is brutal violence (well as brutal as PG-13 allows). Everything is gray and decrepit. There is short discussions about who is in the right and when is killing justified. It has all the makings of something serious and mature. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut then you have sappy, unnecessary love triangle drama and overly complicated, ludicrously inefficient death traps set by the Capitol that really takes you out of it. The silly sounding names don't help - president Snow and President Coin. Really? Those are the names you chose?There were more unintentional laughs to be had at the ridiculousness of some of the events than there were moments of drama or tension

The death traps were basically there just to remind people how cool the first The Hunger Games were. Remember Elizabeth Banks' fun little side character, Effie, from the first films. Well, be prepared to have several close up shots of her for no real reason. Why am I supposed to care about her at all? She, like so much else within the film, is just there to remind you of the past. Though the Harry Potter series is far from perfect, at least when it went dark and serious it committed to it. The Hunger Games really half-assed it.

This film also plays into the trope of good and evil being black and white. There is a vague flirtation with a gray area, however, by the end of film all moral ambiguity is lost. It is crystal clear who the good guys and who the bad guys are. The film definitely tries, at least a little bit, to have an anti-war/anti-violence message, yet doesn't grasp the potential for addressing the topic of the fluid nature of good and evil and asking the question if ends justify the means.

Perhaps I'm asking the film too much. In the end is still a film meant for a younger audience. For them, perhaps the love triangle isn't distracting and straightforwardness of the plot and themes is engaging enough. But as someone who enjoyed the first two films, I am disappointed that this one had lost all the magic the series had at the start.
March 28, 2017
Mockingjay Part 2, is the final conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy, but still is kinda slow-paced. Had a surprising and great Ending!
½ March 22, 2017
it was good, but not sure if I liked the ending
½ March 17, 2017
Maybe I had to not hate the other 3 to get into this?
March 17, 2017
Pretty action packed and does a great job depicting war. However, several iconic scenes from the book were changed for the worse, making the movie less tense, sad, and scary than it should have been. Much of the violence in the movie is rather tame, even in some parts where it should have been disturbing, but there were several scenes that captured the true cost of this fight perfectly.
½ March 14, 2017
Even though most people were disappointed or let down by the finale, I personally liked it. A fitting end to the franchise.
March 13, 2017
Damn. I couldn't wait for it to be over. Maybe because I'm not a crazy fan of the story, nor did I read the books, but I feel that I didn't really understand the plot/found it a little messy. This last movie felt anti-climatic and a little all-over-the-place. I liked the performances by Natalie Dormer <3 and Jennifer Lawrence (most of the time). I guess I've seen better movies.
February 26, 2017
I ADORED this movie. So powerful. Jennifer Lawrence slays again. And Donald Sutherland as President Snow makes your skin crawl. Perfectly and wonderfully executed.
½ February 20, 2017
pretty much what you'd expect...
February 18, 2017
The last film in the Hunger Games series of films is certainly it's most intense. After waking me up with part 1 of Mockingjay after a very boring Catching Fire, the movie concludes with a manhunt, the hunters being hunted, revolution, and vindication. Provides lots of interesting questions about who is guilty of what. The whole series of these films was fun to watch,
½ February 11, 2017
Pretty good, though kind of a drawn out ending.
½ February 11, 2017
It's a while since I saw the previous film and I can't even remember how many films there have been in the series let alone remember what's happened in them all so when the film had talky bits, of which there were many, I was struggling a bit, still watched it for the action though. As a footnote this also has the longest end credits I've ever come across at 12 minutes!!
½ February 7, 2017
Finally it's over. Weak storyline overall
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