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½ January 11, 2017
Very funny film! Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn work really well together and create great comedic scenes, fun plot, and overall good film.
½ December 28, 2016
Way better than I thought it would it be!!
December 1, 2016
There are a lot of missed opportunities in the storyline. Small gaps in identifying each characters' story was also strongly prominent. However, the casting of Dylan O'Brien was a marker for this movie. Although not approved of by most, Dylan's participation in this movie opened it to another generation (though not exactly appropriate). He portrayed the character of Stuart very well, and the movie fit him. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the other characters. Even Nick and Bill, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, were just a drag. The humor was poor and rarely relatable. I laughed more at the bad quality than the jokes. The Quidditch match and "Hufflepuff" cheer was appreciated, though.
½ November 25, 2016
Funny but not their best work.
½ November 17, 2016
Funny but not amazing. Vince Vaughan is the worst part of this movie
November 6, 2016
Another pairing up of the Wedding Crashers going to the well for another comedy, right down to the Will Farrell cameo off the top, focusing on a pair of salesmen looking for a crack at an awesome job after being let go from the watch company gig and randomly decide to milk the opportunity of the Internship being offered though Google, taking advantage of all the perks and freebies and riding on the School of Rock like smart kids to ride them to getting through the golden gates. Vince Vaughan is mailing it in as his slacker personna mailing in the minimal effort for the maximum payout and Owen Wilson is spending a good chunk of the film throwing out southern pearls of wisdom as he is chasing Rachel McAdams, errrr I mean Rose Bryne. Another one of those films that just move around a couple of words from a concept that worked years ago, interchanged some settings and characters and pressed play. Both dudes are great actors and would be good to see another fun comedy from them that takes advantage of their skills while telling a fresh story that doesn't recycle previous glories.
October 25, 2016
When it comes to shameless product placement in filmmaking, I never thought anything would be more blatant than Tom Hank's feature length commercials of 1998's You've Got Mail for AOL and 2001's Castaway for Fed Ex, however somehow Google now seems to have taken the campaign throne, I do hope there product share doesn't disintegrate after the film's release as quickly as the aforementioned.

Cleverly marketed to target facebook addicted Y-gens who are attracted to the films plot and technological foundations as well as life savvy X-gens with its casting choice and comic sensibilities, The Internship attempts to capitalise on the sum of its disjointed parts as non-demanding escapist entertainment.

Deriving humour not only from its goofy yet infectiously witty leading men; Vince Vaughn (also one of the writers) and Owen Wilson, with their palpable camaraderie and out-dated 80's film references but the juxtaposition of modern societies disassociation with the 'real world' and 'old fashioned skills', things such as basic human interaction and communication come under a the proverbial microscope in a the cyber world where Googliness is holier than Godliness.

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are gift-of-the-gab salesmen in the truest sense, employed to sell high end watches, their life experiences of wheeling and dealing bring new meaning to the term selling-ice-to-the-eskimos.
But when one of their favourite clients (not their boss) informs them that the digital revolution has seen their jobs go the way of the dinosaur, they are determined to prove their skills are not extinct just yet.

Getting "on-the-line" in a library, the duo exemplify old school but still manage to fast-talk their way into a coveted internship at San Francisco's fun park-cum-HQ Google, but gaining entrance into the child-like utopia is only the beginning.

Proving that necessity really is the mother of re-invention and their skills are worth just as much as book smarts, Billy and Nick mingle among a battalion of half-their-age ivy-league educated tech-savvy geniuses in hopes of securing two of five full-time positions that may offer a new career.

Their self-perception shattered from the get-go when relegated to the rejected 'left-overs' team; comprising of mama's boy Yo-Yo (Tobit Raphael), socially disinterested Stuart (Dylan O'Brien), life-experience lacking Neha (Tiya Sircar) and wanttabe cool dude instructor Lyle (Josh Brener), old dogs Billy and Nick learn new tricks whilst teaching team mates some old ones they would have simply missed in a life lived in cyberspace.

As in a lot of Vaughn's bromances, the themes of championing hope and self-belief is a driving plot force, add to that generation based culture clash and the idea of retribution for cocky brownnosers and you would assume a winning mix, but sadly it doesn't come together all that well. Padded thin and feeling all too much like hard comedic work, the trailer really does use up all the films best pieces to get you in leaving the full product lacking any extra texture, imagination or layers to really satisfy.

The verdict: There are some funny ideas and the concept is nothing short of perfect, but if people are looking down at smart technology no amount of pole dancers and red suspenders will grab their attention (perhaps one of the most apt scenes in describing the widening generation gap).

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 28/06/2013
October 17, 2016
Often relying too heavily on the dual lead dichotomy of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn that made Wedding Crashers an engaging comedy, The Internship means well and is at times humorous and endearing, but also often generic and predictable. Owen Wilson's charisma is the lone saving grace, while Vince Vaughn rarely has those moments. He often comes across as the odd one in the room and the lines and jokes he delivers just don't land. A decent film, but one that has not an ounce of rewatch ability, certainly not the likes of which was found in Wedding Crashers.
September 5, 2016
Watched it with Sean
August 13, 2016
This was funny and charming. Well done.
August 3, 2016
some funny moments but old school traditional sexism ruined this one for me.
July 31, 2016
The Internship is a absolutely hilarious come together comedy. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will make you laugh out loud.

-The Critic
July 31, 2016
meh. exactly what you would expect from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson being an intern at Google.
½ July 27, 2016
The internship is dull, unfunny, and worst of all boring.
July 20, 2016
Great movie. Shows how empowerment and passion can lead to success.
July 13, 2016
Vince vaughn and owen wilson may be past their wedding crashers hey day but the internship is a mature and feel good film. It may not be their greatest comedy as lets face it wedding crashers was simply unbeatable. However this film was a good time passer and was somewhat enjoyable regardless of the 90 minute google advert. Not a brilliant film but in no ways a bad film.
July 2, 2016
The Internship is hilarious and a great movie. This is a good Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie. Two guys who want an internship at Google is a great plot. I would suggest this movie.
½ June 30, 2016
The Internship is a nice story, and it certainly has its moments, but unfortunately, those moments are sparsely placed throughout its overlong run time, and it never really brings anything new to the table.
½ June 27, 2016
A bit too silly and probably hard to relate to for those who didn't do an internship at a large, popular, "cool" company.
½ June 22, 2016
This 2013 Comedy isn't a bad watch by any means. Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson provided me with a few laughs. It's not one of my favorites by any means. The film might of scored a few extra points with me because of my huge Harry Potter Fandom. The Middle Eastern Boss at google in the fim, almost portrayed his character to the interns in a Dumbledoor manor at times to me. Which I enjoyed. I'm very thankful for google, and use it daily. It was kinda cool getting to see some of inside, of what I would imagine to be their real headquarters. But one of my few complaints about the film is, it almost seems like just one huge google commercial at times. However, I purchased the film and own it still, for entertainment purposes, not google information.
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