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August 19, 2016
Quite interesting and mysterious movie that was way too ambiguous but with good performances and cinematography. But still it needed a little more explanation and elaboration on what was going on.
~August 19, 2016~
½ May 17, 2015
Not everyone can read implications, nuances. It is a very good character study, and perspective of human nature. I liked the ending leaving you in wonderment.
½ May 10, 2015
Mona Fastvold's film doesn't quite work, but the style and approach kept me glued to the screen. The performances are exceptional. This is a great debut from a first time filmmaker.
January 6, 2015
Aparte de una interesante fotografía, es poco lo que deja The Sleepwalker. Una historia que es imposible que sea atractiva sin la violencia y abuso, es la que nos entrega Mona Fastvold. Lástima que cae en esos desagradables clichés, como los celos del dueño de casa, la afinidad entre los desconocidos, etc. No recomendable.
December 30, 2014
Great buildup.....that never went anywhere.
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