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½ October 21, 2016
First half was passable entertainment. The second fell apart with very little tension, few scares, and awful CGI.
September 19, 2016
It has some freaky looking THINGS, but unfortunately doesn't do anything else interesting enough that isn't ripped from it's namesake original. And the Things are CGI, as opposed to the stop motion special effects that supplied the horrors of the original. So if you're absolutely devoted to the original, this is an okay waste of time.
August 28, 2016
Well, I'm giving the film a credit for it's effort with the monster designs & connecting itself to the original. Kinda wierd but I really like this prequel. It has fun elements intact to it.

But what makes this "thing" a downfall is that they used too much CGI for the monster, some of it really looks dull and fake. Lacking gore and delivers "dry" violence. Well, there is actually some quite praisable, cringeworhty scenes here but unlike in the 1982, the practical designs and the effects screams such praise with craftsmanship.

Because of this fact, it makes the CGI of this prequel a pitfall. Noticably the film's atmosphere lacks the sense of heaviness, gloom, hopelessness, dread; you name it! These elements were dramatically shown on the 1982, and disappointingly the 2011, lacks so much of it [not that much but somehow it did].

Those are the main reason why this prequel is not as good as it turned out it would be. But this prequel is surely respectable enough to be followed by John Carpenter's 1982. Setting aside about the debate and theories about the Norwegians (don't usually put a care about it. I'll stick up to this one instead). Behind of all that, this movie still screams sufficient satisfaction and praise because of it's quite good elements contoured on the film and also has more suspenseful action chasing scenes than the 1982. Atleast this prequel did not end up as a plain generic horror film.
½ August 26, 2016
Just had my 2nd viewing of this film, and my opinion is pretty much the same. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a lot better than I remember her being (still not Kurt Russell), but the CGI and character designs are worse than I remembered, simply god-awful and in no way do they deserve to bear the Thing name on them. The film does dutifully try to fill in the gaps of what we saw of the Norweigan camp in the original, unfortunately all these parts feel forced and un-organic.Another thing that bothered me is that The Thing in this film seems to have no plan and is really just winging it for most of the film.....very un-Thing like if you ask me. By far the best part of the film is the first 35 minutes and the credits scene. By no means does this film make me angry, but it shouldn't have been made and does not deserve to bear the Thing name. I don't know why Universal green-lit this crap.Yup, this is still a piece of shit and still a lame imitation of the original classic. I brought my flame thrower along again and it looks like I'll have to torch this fucker a 2nd time. Good riddance!
August 14, 2016
This movie deserves better! Love it
August 10, 2016
This is a pretty compitent and entertaining horror remake, but unfornatly, it's smaller than the Carpenter masterpiece, and it doesn't have the same disturbing effects on you that Carpenter's version was good at delivering. And, the CGI special effects aren't as realistic or gritty, but the spaceship effects are pretty remarkable and overall, it's an entertaining movie. And for y'all who though that this film was an actual remake, it's also a prequel, finishing where the first movie starts. Check it out if you liked the 1982 film.
August 8, 2016
it a cool movie but it has some video game CGI but it was say it cooler than the old one but not as good
July 27, 2016
This Movie Turned 4 Years Old Last Year In 2015.
July 25, 2016
Hailing the original as the one of the greatest horror/suspense movies of all time is a necessity, and to shun this as a neglectful disaster is shameful. This deserves a much higher rating for its modern take on necromorphs, deeper character development than the original, and maintained sense of isolation. Satisfying new audiences with visuals and depth in story arch created a new wave of fans, and most whom complained were stuck on "THE ORIGINAL."
I loved them equally and watched them several times each, gaining something new with each viewing. To have such low ratings is a misleading disservice to the public, and you should really get your paws on this jewel set.
½ July 25, 2016
The movie itself was a little slow, but the female lead was a great, strong, intelligent and determined character.
July 17, 2016
The fuck is wrong with you'z?
June 23, 2016
I could care less about comparing the 82 and 2011 movies. I saw both on opening days. I went to see a sci fi movie and I thought both were fantastic. If you want to say the 2011 is just another 82 well it's not. The 2011 finds the ship, the creature in the ice, it gets out and they have to deal with it. But the 2011version has the monster on the hunt and you can see the monster is more constructed for the hunt to consume. The 82 version the monster consumes and transforms into it's victims in more seclusion where no one sees the transformation. This sets up an atmosphere of suspense with each persons loss of trust and rising suspicion with everyone around him.. Science fiction is generally a story that is as plausible as one can make it to reality. And both movies do that. Carpenter said he went a little crazy on the movie referring to some of the gross visuals created by the thing. But, you have to remember it is
"The Thing". It's not suppose to look nice..The 2011 has more foreign actors where the 82 has great and familiar American actors, which does make a difference. I sometimes watch the 2011 version first and then watch the 82 version. When I do this I can't say I find either version that much better than the other. . the monster is the same, they are confined in an Antarctic Scientific Research station and the problems they face with this alien are the same. , She realizes like McCready that if this thing gets out into the world, that it could be the end of humanity on earth. Either movie deals with one of the most horrible creatures in science fiction: An entity that basically dissolves you and replaces what was you with alien cells replaced in your past physical construct. The 2011 "The Thing" is a very good science fiction movie, that needs to be judged by it's own merit and not on any other movie. This is a prequel to the 82 Thing and there was some efforts made that tied into that movie which work very well.
If you really like science fiction and you have never seen this movie I think it's worth your time to give it a look.
June 19, 2016
Not a bad film watched this recently back to back with John Carpenters The thing and enjoyed them both.
June 17, 2016
Kurt Russell's looking better these days ...
June 16, 2016
This movies fine there's nothing wrong with my only complaint is that dog chasing seen it the very end of the movie is clearly two different dogs!
June 5, 2016
Despite valiant efforts from the cast and the production design team, this feeble prequel to a horror landmark is surprisingly silly. Long gone is the clever hunter's instinct of the titular creature, as well as the depth of character. However, the worst offense is the insulting, slapdash CGI.
June 2, 2016
As we all know, remakes of classic horror movies are rarely decent let alone good compared to their original. But if you're in the minority like me who believes that remakes of classic horror movies should not be rated based on a comparison to the original and should be rated as a standalone film, then Heijningen's remake of The Thing is a very entertaining, gripping, tense, horrifically beautiful film. Having grown alongside the rapid development of technology that allows for higher quality production values has negatively impacted my viewing experience of older movies. Having seen so many modern films, seeing an older ones looks and feels so underdeveloped to me that it simply doesn't grip me and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is that way. That's why I'm happy that this version of the The Thing was made. Made for the people like me, who can enjoy the story and the scares without having to deal with an out-dated production value. As a stand-alone film, the newer version of The Thing brings new and refreshing energy to the story while providing the respected amount of homage that the original deserves
½ May 12, 2016
Great effects. As good as the original
May 8, 2016
It was a good Prequel/Remake and I think it was done a lot better than most of Hollywoods remakes. It was a clever idea to do a prequel and the movie wasn't overdone and stayed true to the original.
½ May 2, 2016
An underrated prequel that gets stumped often by its use of CGI over practical, and disbelief that it's audience can be trusted with more than what we're shown.
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