Oct 13, 2006
This is a film to unnerve any New Yorker, as it wanders city landmarks, like Grand Central Terminal, with destruction in mind...
Jul 15, 2006
Slow moving yet thoroughly engrossing...
Jul 11, 2006
The premise is indeed engaging, but the conversations are simplistic.
Jul 7, 2006
An affecting portrait of the torturous schism between radical Muslims and those who've embraced the West.
Jul 7, 2006
Akhtar, who also co-wrote the screenplay, is unable to convey Hassan's internal conflicts with any force.
Jan 19, 2006
You glance at Hassan with sympathy, which is immediately neutralized by the assurance that this man would kill you without a thought in the name of his god. You pray to yours that he'll change his mind.
Jan 12, 2006
You just can't believe Hassan can see so much innocent humanity and still choose mass murder. And then Hassan quietly intones "God is great," and you realize he can no longer see them at all.
Dec 9, 2005
Castelo, working with a meager budget and few familiar faces..., adroitly turns Hassan's moral and religious struggle into a tension-building experience.
Dec 2, 2005
The storyline in The War Within is far from fluid and, at times, overwrought. But it doesn't stop the film from capturing one's interest.
Nov 21, 2005
Very good.
Nov 9, 2005
...a challenging film that builds to a riveting climax and is certain to spark discussion across partisan lines.
Nov 3, 2005
The very model of the self-hating liberal consciousness; no matter his better intentions, he finds himself blaming the victim for the crime.
Nov 2, 2005
Madly rational and persuasive political drama.
Oct 30, 2005
Taut and suspenseful even when it's just being introspective.
Oct 22, 2005
It's thanks to Akhtar's standout performance that The War Within is as electrifying as it is.
Oct 21, 2005
Almost everything that happens feels true and horrifying, and yet it's done so well you can't look away.
Oct 19, 2005
never comes close to subscribing to Hassan's actions nor to excusing his motives, but does lay out in stark detail exactly what drove him to it [making it] essential viewing
Oct 15, 2005
An unusually subtle, closely observed and accomplished independent effort.
Oct 14, 2005
Well-made, well-informed and apparently well-meant psychological thriller.
Oct 14, 2005
Call it a portrait of a mild-mannered zealot, one that seeps under the skin and unsettles the nerves.