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January 5, 2017
Amazing movie. Great acting, great story, great direction, great soundtrack, just great overall. I could watch it many times and never get bored.
December 26, 2016
Simply brilliant in it's own essence-- "This is England" is truly one of a kind. The acting transcends that of the everyday movie and leaves the viewer with the impression that this movie is alive. The film offers a history lesson as well as a story with a solid plot, leaving one with the feeling that there are very few films that offer such a profound understanding of the world. Evoking an intense sympathy with the story's protagonists, it makes one wonder about the sociological aspects of his or her own life and what really is childhood.
December 8, 2016
An all around very well made film, in terms of cinematography, gritty realism mixed with humor, and especially in terms of conviction-filled performances.
November 23, 2016
As utterly captivating as it is heartbreaking. Thoughtful, confronting, challenging, at times gleefully funny, other times vividly tragic, but above all memorable and rewarding.
The musical theme by Ludovico Einaudi is a suitable classic for the ages.
This one stays with you, for good or bad.
½ October 19, 2016
This Is England paints a gritty working class picture of 1980's England, a picture rarely seen in mainstream cinema and for that alone it has to be credited. It's a very well made low-budget film and it's directed to perfection, with Shane Meadows getting the most out of a very promising cast.

It's a story that evokes strong empathy towards the characters and it's the performances by the main cast, in particular Thomas Turgoose and Stephen Graham, that enhance this empathy further.

This Is England has a unique style, it's set in a unique time and it revolves around a unique set of individuals that have been 'let down' by someone or something, weather that be a loved one or the government. The main reason I enjoyed this film is because there is so much you can take from it as an individual.

At the time of it's release I truly believed Shane Meadows had created something special and since then he's gone on to make multiple critically acclaimed spin off TV series of the film. All of which are fantastic.

One of my favourite British films of all time.
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July 25, 2016
A very moving film about the working class youth in the 80's but focuses on one young boy being brainwashed into becoming a skinhead, The acting was great but the script felt sloppy in places and the story even though was gripping didn't really go anywhere and the ending was predictable and abit lackluster, The humour added was just enough to keep it feeling fresh, Overall it's a good film just overhyped mainly down to the plot not going anywhere.
March 27, 2016
'This Is England' is a film that was released in 2006 and directed by Shane Meadows. Meadows is known for his bleak, autobiographical and realistic films such as 'A Room for Romeo Brass' and 'Dead Man's Shoes'. This film deals with the working class British culture in the year of 1983 during the rise of Thatcherism. Meadows opens the film with a montage of real footage of the Falklands Conflict, Margaret Thatcher, television shows, computer games and riots along with a popular 'ska' song taken from the 1980s. The job of this montage is to inform the viewer of the social and historical context of the setting and to remind them of the passions and repressions that the characters in the film are faced with. 'This Is England' mainly deals with the issue of race by having a young boy introduced to a gang of skinheads. Recently released from prison, one skinhead becomes a right-wing Nationalist (a statement about the 1980s prison system) and he convinces the boy to terrorise ethnic minorities in order to avenge his father who was killed in the Falklands Conflict.
½ March 3, 2016
If "This Is England " as the title boldly announces, then England must be a steaming mound of crap.

Predictable story of "Good kid falls in with bad crowd" offers nothing new to the genre, other than a backdrop of Thatcherite gloom.
February 14, 2016
A good British movie
January 13, 2016
Wanna see a great movie? Well come aboard, This is England is a great movie with lots of funnies, touching moments, and racial violence, A good laugh.
½ January 6, 2016
The movie takes you back to the 80's, when England was convulsed
by a social and political revolution. The grey/cold atmosphere and
the top acting only add up to the drama. Don't watch this if you're looking
for a feel good flick.
November 9, 2015
How real. How cute. How poignant
September 26, 2015
It works as a spin-off but not as a stand-alone feature film.
September 25, 2015
'Anger is an energy' once bellowed the brilliant lungs of a certain anarchist in circa 1983 - the very same year that Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) got his first pre-adolescent rebellion shave. We forget so casually the importance and positive contribution of anti-establishment groups in our society, even now in times of political disenchantment. Meadows, in my personal opinion, the only kitchen-sink-realist to long linger over unpalatable subject matters; other same-field filmographers likely too cautious of criticism to venture down the unlaundered pit-holes of scream-telling debauchery. 'This is England' all four chapters, the cast maintain a solid unity though they truly are one big family on the whole, despite individual struggles and the dangerous obscure presence of Combo, whose self-admittance to frequent asylum to protect himself and society, (from himself) a poignant twister that Meadows own emotional IQ Oscar-triple worthy!.
September 19, 2015
Excellent drama about a young boy growing up in Eighties Britain and is drawn into a rascist skinhead gang.
July 25, 2015
I can't help but compare this to film's of similar content. The acting in this movie was quite good, although perhaps not quite as good as say Made In Britain, there is only a marginal difference between this movie & that one in the acting, at best.

The story was MUCH better, not the least of which is due to the fact that there is a good deal more character development; although, I would like to have seen more of an after-story, detailing what happens to the character's, such as what kind of reception did the punk kid get, the one who got kicked out of the car, once he returned to his friend's... I was surprised that they showed no repercussions from the idiot's robbing the store. After all, the owner knew Shaun & his Mom and Combo did threaten the owner's life... The ending made sense, tho I would like to have seen what happened to the group after the beating received by Milky, at the hand's of Combo.

I was surprised that there was no mention of the 'traitor to the human species' political party the BNP, formed in 1982, after splintering from the 'traitor to the human species' National Front...

The music, although not perfect overall, was a thousand times better, especially the song at the beginning, during the opening credit's. The choreography, between that song & the video footage is virtually flawless.
July 19, 2015
This Is England is most definitely one of the very best British films of the twenty-first century, and for me ranks as Shane Meadows most outstanding to date. Meadows draws on his own personal experiences as a skinhead during the early 1980's. This Is England is set during the summer months of 1983 at the time of "Thatcher's Britain" and indeed the era of the skinheads, punk, racism and fascism.

Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is a lonely 11 year old kid growing up on a rough council estate in the North Of England. He is grieving the sudden loss of his father after he was killed in the horrific Falklands War. Encountering incessant bullying at school, Shaun meets a gang of friendly, multi-cultural, dope-smoking skinheads, headed by Woody (Joseph Gilgunn) who immediately are drawn to his sadness and confusion and subsequently take the boy under their wing. However when one of the gang's old members Combo, (Stephen Graham) a vicious, racist thug and bully, is released from prison, Shaun is manipulated by Combo's way of thinking and racist attitude and turns into a thug himself, convinced he would be making his late Dad proud. After Combo brutally beats up Shaun's friend Milky (Andrew Shim) and exposes his own deep vulnerability and unbalanced mental state, Shaun comes back down to earth (and his senses), realising the lifestyle he'd been leading was not really for him, nor would it have made his Dad proud.

Though the first half of This Is England is touchingly funny, drawing on the allure and fun of being in a gang, the second half soon makes way for a much darker, raw and gritty nature, with many violent episodes, highlighting the brutally stark racism that existed at the time (and still does unfortunately!. Shane Meadows shrewdly evokes the total working-class despair of "Thatcher's Britain", capturing the era impeccably well and is all impressively authentic in detail.

Like every other of Shane Meadows absolutely superb films, the acting and dialogue is astutely naturalistic, drawing you in from the opening scene. Most outstanding of all is the immensely talented youngster Thomas Turgoose who's almost stark performance never once shrinks from being anything but powerful and convincing. Indeed the cast are all thoroughly excellent that includes another notably powerful turn from the ever-brilliant Stephen Graham as Combo; Joseph Gilgunn as the lovable, kindly rogue Woody who is the leader of the gang that Shaun first joins and who also refuses to be brainwashed by Combo's unhinged way of thinking and racial hatred; Jo Hartley as Shaun's mum Cynth who upon meeting the gang headed by Woody becomes charmed by them , after having had serious reservations when first seeing her young son with a shaved head; Andrew Shim as the friendly Milky; Vicky McClure as the more sensible, level-headed Lol and Rosamund Hanson as the eccentric but likable Smell.

Truly an out and out masterpiece, This Is England is an often funny, often shocking and often deeply moving portrait of a moment in British cultural history.
June 8, 2015
Like Andres Wood's Machuca, This Is England tells the coming of age of a young fatherless boy whose purposeless loneliness leads him into a world unknown to him, which functions as the catalyst for his maturation. On the other hand, both films reveal the respective national and political realities of their age that don't function as backdrops to a coming of age story, but as troubling and serious exposes.
½ June 6, 2015
because this is england.
March 23, 2015
Great movie that shows there's a difference between skinheads and naziskins!
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