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November 21, 2016
After, HG Wells (Roddy McDowell) finds out that his friend Dr. John Leslie Stevenson is the real Jack The Ripper(David Warner), he would also find out that he stole his time machine to escape capture from authorities. It is during then HG Wells locate where he travelled to which is to the future of 1979 San Francisco. It is also when HG wells finds a relationship with a banker Amy Robbins (Mary Steenbergen).
November 18, 2016
Watched this on the strength of 72% audience likes. What a mistake. Now I can watch old movies and can easily get into the gentler pacing of times gone by. But this movie was DIRE. Ver actors simply going through the motions. Dialogue you could imagine being discussed in the boardroom - "Gotta make Jack the Ripper and H.G. Wells more AMERICAN". The special effects were nothing short of goofy. I found myself fast forwarding to see if it got any better. It didn't. My advice would be to avoid this film unless you want to be bored and irritated in equal measures. Very disappointing.
October 30, 2016
It was too cliche for me. It seemed like it couldn't decide whether it was a fun movie or a serious one.
October 24, 2016
Another variation on the often written about Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper story...This time H.G. Welles stands in for Holmes and time travel is involved. While it won't hold up to this day-and-age's accurately gory depictions of Jack The Ripper's killings, it is nothing short of arresting.
September 18, 2016
Charmingly sentimental.
August 10, 2016
While not a horrible premise, this film fails on nearly every level. OK for a date night - especially if your date has never actually read any of Wells tales.

Surprising that Meyer would soon direct the most beloved of Trek films, TWOK. Perhaps he merely had to get mediocrity out of his system with this one movie.
½ August 7, 2016
Entertaining and interesting time travel movie

In 1893 London, H. G. Wells is hosting a dinner party in his home to show off his new invention: a time machine, which he keeps in his basement but hasn't had the nerve to test yet. One of his guests, a surgeon by profession, turns out to be Jack the Ripper, fresh from his latest murder, who, as the police come into Wells' house in pursuit of him, escapes in -- you guessed it, the time machine. For technical reasons the machine returns without him, and Wells feels duty bound to use it to pursue "Jack" to 1979 San Francisco, where the machine is kept as a museum exhibit. Thus begins the complex but clear plot of this time machine thriller by Nicholas Meyer, who as writer was also responsible for the well known Sherlock Holmes follow-up The Seven Per Cent Solution. The film is well made and entertaining, with good acting by the leads Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen (who fell in love during the production and subsequently married,) a thick and convincing Victorian London atmosphere in the opening scenes (though I believe they are studio shot,) with as a bonus on location photography of many of the best known locations in San Francisco. Recommended as light but intelligent entertainment, and should certainly appeal to anyone familiar with San Francisco in the late 70s, as well as those interested in Wells or in the time travel genre. Rated PG, rather surprisingly, since some of the violent scenes, though brief, are rather grim, and there is a drug scene and depictions of prostitution. The 2002 Warner Home Video DVD I saw it on if of good quality.
July 3, 2016
Not a bad film but it's a bit daft. Jack the ripper escapes the police in HG Wells's time machine to the present day (an easy option for the film makers). Wells goes chasing after him and we see him discover how the world has changed, not necessarily for the better. - see star trek 4 or 5, can't remember. A wasted opportunity to explore time travel; it's actually more like a comedy romance than a sci-fi.
January 7, 2016
HG Wells and Jack The Ripper time travel to 1970s San Francisco and duke it out over a young Mary Steenburgen.
½ January 1, 2016
not bad modern period pic but i still prefer the MGM 'the time machine' version of this HG Well's sci-fi classic wish i worked at the bank mary steenbergen works at she gets the longest lunches ever!
December 21, 2015
time travel movies often reveal an unsolvable paradox but Time After Time swerves around that conundrum very well. Cleverly done and enjoyable.
December 8, 2015
A film with non-stop fun! Time After Time will keep you glued to your T.V.
½ November 28, 2015
An average sci-fi, so to say... Just because we can't change the past, looks like this movie chose the easier route of changing the future.... oh... but it does end up altering the past - ridiculously.
Skip it.
November 2, 2015
I liked it better than I thought -- very fun and well acted
October 22, 2015
Though its imaginative premise truly begs a more vivid and memorable effort, "Time After Time" still charms the audience with light-hearted laughs and some engaging set pieces.
October 15, 2015
Time after time

I was surprised that the films starts off with a first person perspective with Jack the Ripper.

I think that Malcom Macdowell does a pretty good job in this film. The 1895 sets look amazing and dead on.

What I have issues with is the look of the time travel effect that looks cheesy.
Also Orsen Wells says that the time travel effect will leave him in the same location where as in this film he is sent to San Franscico in 1979.

I like how show San Fransco in this film with Golden Gate Bridge, Red Wood Forest, Palace of Fine Arts,

I was glad that the gore and killings of the victims was inferred with blood rather than making it look really gruesome.
½ September 16, 2015
A delightful, entertaining trifle of a film that shows both the possibilities and limitations of taking liberties with literature and history.
September 11, 2015
a scary strange film
½ June 20, 2015
'The Time Machine' is one of my favorite movies, so I've been avoiding this one because of it's completely preposterous premise. However, sometimes that's what it takes to make a unique movie. The special effects leave a lot to be desired, and like all pre-Back to the Future time travel films, there are a lot of logic holes and paradoxes. But I liked it. The best part was Wells' character, starting out as an optimist, and the realization that regardless of technology, the human propensity for violence persists. Grade B.
½ June 6, 2015
H.G. Wells, played wonderfully by Malcolm McDowell, uses his time machine to pursue Jack the Ripper, a wonderfully creepy David Warner, into modern day San Francisco. Written and directed by Nicholas Meyer, the fun set up offers lots of opportunities for funny fish-out-of-water comedy and for plenty of interesting verbal debates between Wells and the Ripper about whether this modern world is the idealized world Wells predicted for the future or if it's a twisted and demented world better suited to the homicidal likes of Jack the Ripper. But perhaps the most likable part of the film is the unexpected romance between Wells and the very modern and liberated bank teller, Mary Steenburgen. Steenburgen has always had a unique charm that I've always like and that she's still able to pull off nearly 40 years later on FOX's "Last Man on Earth." Steenburgen's charm is really something special in the film and I think it's my favorite of all her film roles. She alone makes this film worth watching. Also of note is the nicely old fashioned score by old Hollywood composter Miklós Rózsa in one of his final film compositions. The film also features Patti D'Arbanville, Shelley Hackj and Corey Feldman as "Boy at Museum."
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