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Time After Time Reviews

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Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This is my favourite of all the Jack the Ripper theory themed movies. It has a bunch of good actors, and the story is good, and it's a great adventure too.

Super Reviewer

September 22, 2009
very entertaining. happy b-day, hg
Ken S

Super Reviewer

July 12, 2007
Take a barrel of monkeys, multiple that by pi and you'll have an idea of how fun this movie is.

HG Wells allows Jack the Ripper to escape in time through the use of his time machine, so naturally HG follows him to 1979 in order to capture him. Surprisingly funny and light hearted for a movie of it's body count.
Daniel H

Super Reviewer

December 16, 2007
A well thought out "what if" crime caper. HG Wells seeks out his former best-friend now revealed as Jack the Ripper, as he takes up his prostitute-slaying ways in 1970's San Francisco.

The morality lectures are short and to the point, and evoke a clever subplot: the Ripper is delighted by the decadence of modern society, almost tenderly declaring that it is where he belongs... while Wells languishes as his ideals of a future utopia are crushed.

Thankfully, for a time-travel film, the obligatory "culture-shock" sequences don't overstay their welcome, and a both characters manage to act with actual intelligence in covering up their origins to avoid being thrown into the nuthouse.

A clever little innocuous exercise which stands out for deftly avoiding the genres pitfalls... though, it hardly rises above them.
Chris G

Super Reviewer

June 15, 2009
Nicholas Meyer's Time After Time is an interesting film. It takes two of the most prolific figures of turn of the century London H.G. Welles (Malcolm McDowell) and Jack the Ripper (David Warner, the photographer that loses his head in the Omen, or for you younger fans is the thug working for Billy Zane in Titanic.) and sends them to 1979 San Francisco. This probably sounds idiotic and ridiculous, but the film uses Welles folklore (mainly the time machine) to give the film a little more credibility as Welles chases Jack after his identity is revealed to the authorities. It's a basic fish out of water story for Welles, yet The Ripper fits right into the violence of late 20th century America. Welles does find a girl named Amy (Mary Steenburgen, who ironically ends up with another time traveler in Back to the Future Part III).

Time After Time is a film that is actually better than you would expect. The story is far fetched, yet you can still believe H.G. Welles is wandering the streets of San Francisco. Malcolm McDowell delivers his best performance since Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange. His out of his element face and emotional force when needed makes you feel for his character and what he goes through later in the film. David Warner is equally great as the creepy Ripper, making you see where he's coming from when he tells Welles that he was made for this violent age. Steenburgen is cast in a conflicted role that has her liberated one minute and totally dependent on Welles the next. She pulls it off with great ability and succeeds in keeping up with her two co-stars.

A fast paced adventure in our own back yard if you will, Time After Time is a great combination of thriller, adventure, and romance that delivers a film that far exceeds the total of its parts.
Pierluigi P

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2008
If you put H.G Wells and Jack the ripper side by side in modern times, it may sound ridiculous, well it is, but when it's done like this, with style, with two great actors like Malcolm McDowell and David Warner playing them, a beautiful score by Miklos Rozsa, adding time travel, adventure, romance, and humour to the odd but sweet mix; all you can do is step aside and enjoy the ride.
Lafe F

Super Reviewer

August 18, 2007
Superb time travel movie with H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper in modern-day San Franciso. Very enjoyable and well made. There's romance with Mary Steenburgen as well.

Super Reviewer

December 30, 2006
Enjoyable oddity that pits H.G. Wells against Jack The Ripper in "modern day" (well, 1979) San Francisco. A nice mix of sci-fi, thriller and romance.
Byron B

Super Reviewer

April 1, 2008
Nicholas Meyer's directing debut was the second screenplay he wrote that involved the meeting of two literary/historical figures. McDowell plays against type as H.G. Wells, a nerdy man who likes to philosophize about the future rather than jump into action. When a doctor acquaintance of his is discovered to be none other than the notorious Jack the Ripper, he must use his recently invented time machine to chase the man into the future. Warner is the violent Dr. Stevenson, who prefers the name Jack. There are some too convenient plot holes that allow Wells to pursue the Ripper and neatly do away with the villain at the end. Why the story transposes the action from London in the 1870s to San Francisco in the 1970s is never explained adequately. When Wells arrives in the busy, noisy late 20th century, it seems to be all about the dozens of banks in the California city by the bay. Since money makes the world go 'round, Wells spends an excessive amount of time searching for clues at financial institutions as to what has happened to Stevenson. It is in one bank that he meets and quickly starts dating foreign currency banker Amy, played by Mary Steenburgen. Their romance is fairly light-hearted as Amy, the feminist, helps Wells, the time traveler, through the funny and dangerous situations inherent in the adjusting to modern times and tracking down a serial killer. Pretty enjoyable effects, but they are quite dated.
Sean G

Super Reviewer

August 29, 2011
Jack the Ripper uses HG Wells time machine to do his thing in !970's San Francisco. Malcolm McDowell is actually the good guy for once!
Danny R

Super Reviewer

October 9, 2010
A literate, witty motion picture with moments of high suspense which is marvelously written and directed by Nicholas Meyer. The infamous Jack the Ripper, played superbly by David Warner who delivers a truly unnerving and chilling performance has returned to continue his horrific reign of terror in Victorian England years after he vanished, he has just finished murdering a prostitute by gutting her; with the police hot on his bloody trail he appears at a social gathering at the home of his good friend H.G. Wells, brilliantly played by Malcolm McDowell in a intelligent and extremely charming performance; the Ripper's real name is Dr. John Leslie Stevenson he is the chief surgeon at a London hospital, Wells informs his guests that he plans to travel to the future in a "Time Machine," which he has constructed for that very purpose, he escorts his guests to the basement where he shows them all the machine, and in detail explains how it operates; returning upstairs to the living room, Wells tells his guests that he strongly believes that the future will be an utopian society where men will live like brothers and in equality with women, then his maid enters and informs Wells that the police are at the door and wish to speak to him, when he goes to meet them; they tell him that the Ripper has returned and is in the vicinity and that they have cordoned off the neighborhood, as the police search Wells house they fine Stevenson's leather satchel containing a pair of bloody gloves and a knife. After the police leave to hunt Sevenson who has disappeared from Wells home, it dawns on Wells how he must of escaped justice, when Wells runs down to the basement and fines his machine gone, the empty machine returns back to the point of origin in the basement because Wells still has the key to it., which makes it come back. He gets into his machine and takes off after Stevenson who gone from the year 1893 in London to the year 1979 in San Francisco. Wells is amazed at the progress man has made over the course of a century, he also discovers that the cold-bloodied Stevenson has resumed with his sadistic murderous activities, Wells while searching for Sevenson meets and falls in love with a currency exchange officer named Amy Robbins, played wonderfully by Mary Steenburgen, she and McDowell have a terrific romantic chemistry that make their scenes together amusing and so endearing, as a matter of fact the two stars really fall in love during the production of this film and later married. Amy gives Wells information that leads him to Stevenson who has exchanged pounds for dollars at her bank; he escapes from Wells and is now targeting Amy, it becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse between them and time is running out! An engaging and utterly winning fantasy film. Highly Recommended.
Alec B

Super Reviewer

July 21, 2010
I'm not crazy about the love story, but its a mostly entertaining piece of science fiction pulp. Malcolm McDowell and David Warner shine in their perspective roles of H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper.

Super Reviewer

August 14, 2007
When H.G Welles (Malcolm McDowell) shows his friends a time machine that he invented, he never imagined that one of them were in-fact Jack the Ripper (David Warner). Jack the Ripper takes the time machine to escape the police and H.G. must follow him to 1979 to stop him from killing once again.
While trying to find Jack the Ripper, H.G meets banker, Amy Robbins (Mary Steenburgen), who takes an interest in him right away. However, the closer the two get, the more danger Amy's life is in, since H.G has the key to time machine and Jack the Ripper wants it.
I actually never heard of this movie until recently and I wish I had, because it would've been on the top my favorite Sci-Fi movie list.Time After Time is clever, funny and about as good as Back the Future, even if the effects are a bit cheesy.
The acting is surprisingly superb as well. McDowell was a bit under-rated in his younger days because he always gave an interesting performance and he's especially fun to watch in this film. While, I never realized that Steenburgen was actually type-cast in Back to the Future 3 since she also fell in love with a time traveler in that film as well. But hey, she does a good job in both films never-less. David Warner is excellent as Jack the Ripper as well. Just give the movie a chance, I'm glad I did!

Super Reviewer

April 3, 2010
H.G. Wells travels through time to catch Jack the Ripper who also traveled through time from 19th century England and landed in San Francisco in the year 1979.


It's a strange idea for a time travel movie, but on the whole, it works better than most. The main reason it does is because of the stellar performances by the great Malcolm McDowell and the always sweet Mary Steenburgen. These are two of the most charming actors I've ever seen on screen, and their romance is so sweet and authentic that it grounds the otherwise proposterous plot onto something very heartfelt and believable.

Super Reviewer

January 21, 2008
Very good film on many levels...only negative aspect may be weak special effects regarding the time machine's travel.
January 19, 2014
The story in this time travel movie is somewhat far-fetched, the plot holes are a bit too many, and don't get me started on cheesy special effects, but it makes up for it by clever plot, good acting, and likeable characters. It was really fun to watch.
November 3, 2012
This is one of my favorite time-travel themed movies of all time.
I was pleasantly surprised at this film as I watched it on a random whim.

I highly recommend this to sci-fi, literature, and history fans.
August 29, 2011
Mary Steenburgen, wow, what can I say ? Only that I've been in
love with her, since the early 1970's . lol. Malcolm McDowell, is
great in his rendition of Hubert G. Wells . The story is , well, how
can one say ? Fasinating . An originality about it, as well.
I think, since humans invented the wheel, we have wondered about
time travel . Plus, who knew H.G. Wells, was also an inspector ?
Yet, He finds himself becomeing one, the moment he reveals to his coleghes , his latest invention . I don't want to reveal much, only that there is suspence, love, comedy, and history, all within this
film . I really liked it very much . I baught the movie .
June 8, 2011
This movie has always reminded of a Harlan Ellison short story where The Ripper is transported to a more distant future to 'kill again', can't remember the title though.
March 4, 2009
H.G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper through time. It's a proposterous concept, but it sounds like a bit of fun, and in delivery, it ends up being just that. Nicholas Meyer's late-70s sci-fi jokester film isn't really much of a rememberance among most audiences today. The special effects are dated, the plot devices seem cliche, and everything has that air of the decade that often makes films laughable years later. But, I suppose if I'm going to give the movie a three star review I should probably say something positive about it aside from "fun", so here we go. The movie starts with a gruesome murder that clues us in to the Jack the Ripper plot, and then goes on to immediately reveal the killer as none other than David Warner, beloved English character actor that you've seen as Classy British Villain No. 91 in every other film ever made (but damn is he good at it). Malcolm McDowell is his counterpart, a full of himself turn of the century scientist hippie dedicated to free love, peace among nations, and time travel. Shit goes bananas and Jack the Ripper hijacks the time machine, leading H.G. after him and into the 1970s, where we begin the now overdone technique of portraying Mr. Wells as the fish out of present-time water. What are those strange machines!? McDonalds!? Oh my this motorcar is fast!! In comes the love interest, future Academy Award winner Mary Steenburgen as Amy, and the romance launches! What follows is a moderately engaging thriller tale of a murderer on the prowl and a detective with all odds against him on the prowl. Everything is pretty much by the books. All the info is given to the audience right off the bat, in that totally non-subtle way that basically screams "HEY YOU SEE THIS FAILSAFE THING ON THE TIME MACHINE!? HERE'S A CLOSE UP JUST IN CASE! THIS IS GOING TO COME IN HANDY LATER SO PAY ATTENTION!" Just as lacking in subtlety is the film's heavy-handed commentary on social utopia and H.G.'s dissapointment in the future he could have never imagined, but his drive to fight on anyway. What keeps the movie afloat while the totally average script bogs it down is the sensibility of all the lead actors to just have fun with the damn thing, and they do. Malcolm McDowell is just so bumbly and charming that it's hard not to crack a smirk or two at him, and David Warner is so good at being bad. The film's predictable sense of humor becomes funny enough to propel it as well, straight through the odd turn of semi-graphic violence and the ridiculous closing action sequence. So what was all that I just said? An intense elaboration on the word "fun", which is what Time After Time is at its core and at its most explicit. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy.
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