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October 21, 2017
This is probably the best disaster movie of the 70s. Even now there are still some scary moments in it, although most of it is pretty routine disaster movie stuff. A very exciting and watchable film.
½ October 10, 2017
Haunting and nightmarish at times really tough to watch at times
September 22, 2017
Despite some decent special effects and some solid action sequences. This film is dragged down by underdeveloped characters and illogical decisions.
September 16, 2017
'The Towering Inferno' is an easy star-stuffed blockbuster type of picture which definitely isn't the type that's made for art's sake, but which is still easily watchable, perhaps because it highly leans on its two leads. Still, 'The Towering Inferno', though an unmissable disaster film, has perhaps lost some of its gloss over the decade. Slightly above decent in my opinion.
May 2, 2017
An ok film that suffers from being way too long. Other than that it was a solid film but nothing to shout about. The building is incredibly flammable.
March 18, 2017
Still a good watch for a Saturday night
February 5, 2017
In my mind this is a classic.
January 13, 2017
Fantastic. Another great ensemble. I change my mind, it holds up slightly better than Poseidon, but thanks mostly to the chemistry between Newman and McQueen. A little long, but it doesn't feel like it.
October 13, 2016
This movie reminded me of titanic!
However, I truly truly enjoyed this movie! Newman and McQueen are just magical!!!!
August 19, 2016
The BEST disaster movie of all time. The BEST all star cast of all time. It's a a GREAT movie !!
½ March 27, 2016
The disaster genre made a comeback in the 1970s and this film typified it. Irwin Allen's production is based on a 135 storey skyscraper 'The Glass Tower' burning to hell and back.
I watched a recent addition to the genre this year, San Andreas set in the city of San Francisco. The Towering Inferno is also set in the city. If I was a resident I would become very worried.
Featuring a (then) cast of A-list stars from the (then) present and past (Fred Astaire). It was made in an era (1974) before CGI was invented and it got me thinking about the possibility of a remake. I then remembered the tragic events of September 11th 2001 and realised that was highly unlikely.
The leads Paul Newman (the architect) and Steve McQueen (the firefighter) or should that be the other way around? Both stars wanted top billing, put in great performances. Indeed most of the cast do.
However what happened to security guard O.J. Simpson? He features quite prominently in the opening act then rescues a cat and disappears until near the end.
The film has a two and a half hour running time but the pacing is good. It keeps you gripped to it.
I watched the end credits as I always do and noticed the music score (what little there was to be honest) was composed by John Williams who would go on to greatness a year later with the first summer blockbuster Jaws.
A cost cutting, devious character (think George Osborne in the UK) played by Richard Chamberlain just wants you to punch him you to punch him through the screen.
I found amusing how facing death the lobby bar continues serving alcoholic beverages.
All in all a decent film.
½ February 8, 2016
 Its an obvious, big budget blockbuster . Most characters are so stupid it hurts. Every possible bad decision is taken. Its also very sexist and uber yuppie. Maybe its just following the book, i dont know? As a movie it manages to look big and awkward at the same time and the very impresive cast is shot in a way that none of them really shine (even Faye Dunaway's supreme Starpower is used for something like 5 minutes, like they didnt realise who they were working with) yet the tension and bigness of it makes it kindof impressive, especially for the last hour wich stays tight. It manages to actually be scary a few times (and hilarious when it goes full-on daytime soap opera)
½ December 5, 2015
Quite a classic for a disaster film but it pokes its own holes, maybe just for popcorn lovers.
Super Reviewer
December 2, 2015
Really cool. This film is legendary for basically starting the entire disaster movie genre. It's very entertaining from beginning to end, and watching Newman and McQueen together in one movie is pretty damn awesome.
½ August 11, 2015
I very much liked the towering inferno with a very good cast ,paul newman,william holden and faye dunaway I remember a classic scene where Robert Wagner and his secretary played by Susan Flannery are trapped in his office and wagner tries running through blaze to get help but does not make it
August 8, 2015
An all star cast, can't distract from a rather flimsy plot. But that doesn't matter when you have one of the pinnacles of the 70's disaster movie cycle.
½ July 11, 2015
There is nothing like seeing a bunch of great actors in a terrifying situation that has great effects, a compelling story, intresting array of characters, more explosions than any movie to have come out and a scary villain in the form of fire.
June 16, 2015
Epic disaster flick from the 70's. Definitely has dated over the past 41 years since its release, but it is extremely entertaining with a than stellar cast, lead by Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. Fire sequences are amazing, even by today's 'CGI' standards. It was a definite watch as a child and I'm happy to say it is still a joy to watch after all these years!!
½ May 31, 2015
Being too young to really know of this movie's impact at the time it was released, I can only watch it with it as campy and silly movie that is far too dumb to be fun.
April 21, 2015
Good movie. It was a little long and moved a bit slow but was worth the view and pretty easy to follow. That is it is a bit dated being from the 70s did not bother me in the least and it did not detract from the film. Great plot (and many sub-plots) as well as solid acting and effects.
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