Tru Loved Reviews

November 17, 2011
November 21, 2008
The movie is crummy on several levels, yet its desire to help make the world more loving and tolerant is so pure-hearted that criticizing it seems almost mean-spirited.
October 31, 2008
The world is not quite as nicely rainbow-hued as the film wishes it were at the end, but, if nothing else, Tru Loved makes us hope all the more that it can be one day.
October 30, 2008
Wade's extremely low budget film is hampered by badly recorded dialogue and a script that tries to cram too many issues and characters in.
October 24, 2008
This plodding plea for tolerance would barely pass muster as an after-school special.
October 24, 2008
Too bad it's not better, because in many ways it's a coming-out movie with a difference.
October 24, 2008
Content, bolstered by some solid performances, triumphs over form: The film is engaging, timely and courageous.
October 23, 2008
There isn't really much that differentiates Tru Loved from any other low-budget indie film. It isn't unique visually and a lot of the acting is what, at best, could be called amateur.
October 23, 2008
The film surely means well with enormous messages of tolerance and self-esteem, but when Loved digs in with broad caricatures of homophobia and all-purpose intolerance, the movie can be a supreme chore to sit through.
Top Critic
October 20, 2008
Worthless drivel for the gay-lesbian market.
October 18, 2008
Tru Loved is worth a look for the supporting cast alone.
October 18, 2008
An entertaining tolerance lesson targeted at teens.
October 17, 2008
Every word of dialogue is both written and delivered with the most precious deliberateness and instructive tone.
October 17, 2008
Does the world need yet another peppy gay self-esteem indie like Tru Loved? Probably not, though the writer and director Stewart Wade pulls this one off with heart.
October 16, 2008
I'm sure its heart is in the right place, but it fails at fundamentals we take for granted when we go to the movies.
October 15, 2008
Fluffiness aside, the film's multicultural microcosm does have a giddying effect: Tru Loved offers a utopic vision of inclusiveness you wish the world would embrace.
October 11, 2008
All that's missing from this Edenic scenario is Cyndi Lauper belting "Living High and Mighty."