Turbo Reviews

October 15, 2013
Kids should be game for the ride, and the colourful characters offer humour and poignancy.
July 22, 2013
After the originality of the hero, the filmmakers borrow too heavily from other movies; the similarities to "Ratatouille" and "Cars" are almost distracting.
July 19, 2013
the movie seems to understand its own near-abject ridiculousness ... without getting overly nudge-nudge wink-wink ...
July 18, 2013
[An] energetic, funny cartoon about a plucky garden snail.
July 17, 2013
There's nothing new here, just old stuff in a new-ish package. This movie's enjoyable, but never as daring or bizarre as it could have been.
July 17, 2013
A derivative but nevertheless good-hearted movie that's peppered with enough clever touches to engage adults as well as moviegoers of the smaller, squirmier variety.
July 17, 2013
A sort-of escargot-meets-"Cars" adventure, it has some sharp vocal turns and remains fun even when its inventiveness runs out of gas.
July 17, 2013
Turbo won't set the world of animation on fire, but it's a fun movie.
July 17, 2013
Ultimately, "Turbo" nicely lives up to its diminutive hero's credo of, "No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small" - a pleasant thought, for people of all sizes.
July 17, 2013
Let's face it: Kids aren't a very demanding audience. If there's color, movement, and a high quotient of silliness, they're happy.