Twelve Thirty Reviews

August 11, 2011
Lipsky tries to use dialogue to cover up weaknesses in other areas - such as why these people behave the way they do. Some of the movie is inviting, some of it off-putting.
May 12, 2011
It doesn't work but I doubt you'll regret seeing it.
May 6, 2011
Reiners and Gummer have respective moments where their talents shine, but there's not enough here to keep any but the most masochistic even moderately interested.
March 25, 2011
This sort of emotional-chaos-in-suburbia (it all takes place in Iowa) has been done well, of course, and at times it is here. But Lipsky's overly arch and tangential dialogue has too many curlicues, and everyone's emotions seem just this side of affected.
February 18, 2011
For all the promising fodder, the talky, acrid "Twelve Thirty" feels soulless, an emotion-free zone that deals its darkness in a shockingly flip manner.
February 3, 2011
It is a film that gradually draws the viewer into its thrall and builds to an unpredictable but effective climax.
January 21, 2011
Wrongheaded, off-putting portrait of Midwestern family dysfunction.
January 14, 2011
The paradox of aggressively pursuing intimacy and discovering the idiosyncratic chaos inside everyday people runs to the heart of Twelve Thirty.
January 14, 2011
It wears out its welcome well before the two-hour mark.
January 12, 2011
A film more satisfying in occasional isolated moments than as a coherent dramatic entity.
January 12, 2011
Despite a few moments of surprising insight, Twelve Thirty comes off as more mechanistic than organic; it's composed rather than truly lived.