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August 24, 2015
The supernatural horror elements are extremely odd. It's a vampire reindeer film from Finland. I'm not sure, but on first viewing it seemed like there were plot holes in regards to whether the woman (Kuosmanen) was cursed with vampirism from the day she was born, or if her visit to the shaman was really what unleashed the killer instinct. The whole tale is really one of those myths with the lesson of being careful what you wish for. A good portion of the film is light and romantic, but the newly wed woman becomes lonely and disgruntled when her shepherd husband is constantly away from home. It is definitely not the sort of film you see every day. In the small crew, the star Mirjami Kuosmanen (who was married to director/cinematographer/editor Erik Blomberg) is co-credited as writer with Blomberg as well as being in charge of makeup and wardrobe. With the locations in Finland, the costuming, and the prevalence of reindeer I felt like I was getting a secret look into the Nordic culture where Santa Claus may live.
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½ April 15, 2012
A visually stunning film set in the mythical Lapland.

A newly-wed woman grows tired of her husband constantly going away on business trips and decides to seek the help of the local shaman (who, unfortunately, is portrayed as a bit of a loopy drunkard, which has since then become a terrible stereotype) to rid her of her loneliness. The shaman performs a spell which makes her irresistible to all reindeer herders...just not in the way she would have hoped.
½ January 5, 2011
a story of vampire in the north of finland
June 24, 2008
yksi parhaimmista kotimaisista.
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