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July 13, 2007
Excellent modern adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. I love the vibrant colours, costumes and soundtrack. I'm also very impressed with the use of ole English. Leo and Claire make a good on screen couple. As usual Leo's character dies. It seems to be a recurring event, but then R&J is a tragedy. Leo is the greatest tragic hero.
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September 22, 2011
A fresh, very enjoyable and engrosing adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play. DiCaprio and Danes are excellent.
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½ August 15, 2011
Romeo: Did my heart love 'til now? Forswear its sight. For I never saw true beauty 'til this night. 

"The Classic Love Story Set In Our Time" 

I found little enjoyment in this modern Romeo and Juliet. Its style was really annoying and left my head aching. This movie boarders on unwatchable. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio are okay, but they don't give amazing performances. Nothing about it worked. The film was way too busy and could have possibly worked if Luhrmann had went for a more subtle approach. 

I probably went into this with too high of expectations, which were completely crushed by the first 10 minutes of the movie. In a different directors hands, this could have possibly worked. In Luhrmann's, it is a complete mess and a waste of time.
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½ May 26, 2007
I don't usually like Baz Luhrmann's aesthetic (too noisy), but it just works here, alongside this improbable classic story with the cuh-razy Shakespearean dialogue. This is my favorite, favorite adaptation of the story: fairy lights, fireworks glittering in the night sky, multicolored California bleached to its rawest and most potent, Mercutio the fabulous drag queen, and Leo's beautiful beautiful face peering into the translucent aquarium (no wonder Claire Danes practically orgasms in the pool).
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½ September 6, 2010
When I first saw this movie I thought it was very interesting how they updated the story in such a unique way. Now that I'm older and have studied the theatre more, though, I don't like this movie as much. It seems to only have been a vehicle for Leo fans to romanticize him. I guess it has a little of both.
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June 24, 2011
Couldn't watch it all the way through! The fact that you don't understand what they're saying makes it difficult to watch!
Marc L.
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½ June 14, 2011
I'll admit that I enjoyed reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It was cliche, but everything else about it was pretty good. That's why it really disappoints me when a Romeo and Juliet movie absolutley fails in every possible way.

To this day, there has never been a good Romeo and Juliet movie. Gnomeo and Juliet was horrible and the 1968 Romeo and Juliet remains one of the worst movies I've ever seen. However, this movie's not as bad. Why? Two words. John Leguizamo. His performance as Tybalt was one of the best villain performances I've ever seen. He was menacing, with a dark sense of humor and that nasty villain style. Reminded me of Bullseye in Daredevil.

Harold Perrineau did a very good job to as Mercutio. My only regret was that he didnt get more screen time. But alas, even he couldn't save this god awful hell spawn.

The rest of the actors were horrible. Leonardo DiCaprio was clearly not in his rhythym as Romeo. His performance flat out sucked, especially in the scene where he murders Tybalt. Claire Danes was even worse. She seemed way too dull to play Juliet.

Also, Romeo + Juliet needs to shut up, literally. The film just throws scenes and explosions at us randomly. And the prologue? Down right laughable.

Worse still, the movie speaks in old english. That's right, old english. I'm not even joking. Every line from the movie was taken right out of the Romeo and Juliet transcript.

I'm not exactly sure why this movie got 70%. What I am sure of? It is bad. Very bad.
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½ May 19, 2011
I liked this a lot. Horribly stupid moments and taking out many scenes was only problem. Acting was great, and was worthy of Shakespeares work
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October 22, 2010
Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" is a vivd and memorable adaptation of William Shakespeare's play. While I can certainly understand the hatred of this film, I for one, really enjoy it. Visually, it's one of the most striking films to come out of the 90s; capturing the dizzying feeling of being in love. Add Shakespeare's iconic dialogue, two wide eyed and natural performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes and Luhrmann's intoxicating aesthetic and you have the recipe for a wholly original and thrilling picture that decidedly splits it's audience while updating and reinventing it's source.
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September 8, 2010
2 stars
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May 23, 2010
It's really good, but I was never really interested in Romeo and Juliet, and I think thats why I enjoyed this film. It takes the story to new heights and delivers dearly.
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November 19, 2009
It is laughable at how incredibly horrible this film is. Had this been made as a farce, maybe I could see it as a decent attempt. It mocks Shakespeare without even trying to. Everything looks ridiculous and the performances match it as well. West Side Story already tried to modernize the story, so I don't see the point in trying to do it here. It could've been a decent movie if they made it a period piece, but that would make sense. Something that doesn't compute with Baz Luhrmann.
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½ September 4, 2007
i ahted this adaptation of this movie i dont like it i found it boring long and drawn out and just didnt cut it for me!
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½ July 31, 2009
WOO! luhrmann is awesome
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½ July 6, 2009
I think Harold Perrineau is one of the best Mercutios I've ever seen.
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½ February 24, 2008
Ok but not as good as I thought it was going to be.
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May 24, 2009
Fantastic concept!!
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May 16, 2006
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July 2, 2008
This movie was great. Leonardo DiCaprio ruled the show as always and Clare Danes did not do so bad herself. I loved the fact that they were able to bring a movie from past-time to life in modern-times. It's a good way to get teens and kids of today to really pay attention to an amazing tale of Shakespeare.

The problem is as good as it is - it does kind of make the original dumb at parts and turn it into more of a comedy when it shouldnt have been. It's was well thought but not quite up to parr with first Romeo and Juliet to come on screen.
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½ June 7, 2008
Stylistically gorgeous but both Leo and Claire lack the iambic rhythm of speech to pull off Shakespearian prose.
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