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April 21, 2018
A CMB movie which had so much going for it but fell on its face and as Jean Grey put it "at least we can all agree the third one is the worst).
April 13, 2018
One of best xmen movies
April 8, 2018
this movie was SO BAD
March 30, 2018
"Apocalypse" has too much action and not enough emotion.
March 27, 2018
Running off of the fumes of the last film this one fails to meet the mark by rehashing the best parts of the last film in an underwhelming manner.
March 11, 2018
I thought it was not terrible. I thought it was decent. Entertaining enough. Some good scenes. Weak dialogues at times, but overall good
½ February 23, 2018
Long but not bad. Cool slow motion scene like in the last one
½ February 19, 2018
Decent flick, enjoyable but still not as awesome as I'd hoped
½ February 17, 2018
It's not perfect, but Apocalypse is still a fun X-Men film whether it has a couple flaws or not!
February 13, 2018
Even though X-Men Apocalypse lacks some of the material from some of it's predecessors, it's still a good prequel that was added to the X-Men series that tells the story of the rise and eventual fall of the world's most powerful mutant. The performances aren't as great as a good amount of the other films in the series, but aren't bad and are still able to keep the film going at a steady pace.
½ February 8, 2018
It's far from perfect, but X-Men: Apocalypse still delivers. Apocalypse himself might not be very original, but Oscar Isaac's performance is a near-perfect blend of ego and megalomania. James McAvoy delivers another incredible performance as Charles Xavier, and Michael Fassbender's performance as Magneto is definitely Oscar-worthy. The new, young cast all fit their parts well, with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey standing above the rest. Evan Peters' Quicksilver uses his additional screen time to be the magnificent bastard he is. It has its flaws, but the movie as a whole still delivers, and is at very least better than X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine combined.
½ February 7, 2018
a trainwreck of a plot. too bad for the actors, I really like them.
½ February 4, 2018
It's a decent X-Men flick, but it's not great. They do a good job of developing the younger X-Men (Quicksilver, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm), and Fassbender and McAvoy once again do an outstanding job as their respective characters. However it's sorely lacking the presence of Jackmans, Wolverine, and Apocalypse is a dull, cliched villain, putting it in the lower tier of X-Men movies.
February 3, 2018
Did not like the movie,the movie ruined one of the coolest comic book villians of all time and focused more on the supervillian Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence becoming a superhero because of J Laws fame right now.And the movie rushed the romance between Cyclops and Jean Grey in the movie as a background romance.
February 2, 2018
I can't believe the movie wasted the character who is very cool in other media appearances than this movie.And they focus more of Mystique as a hero than a villian because Jennifer Lawrence is a popular actress so the Fox wants J Law to be the star of a superhero franchise.And I don't like how they rushed the romance between Cyclops and Jean Grey in the movie.
½ January 27, 2018
They ruined some of the best characters in the X-Men universe by, once again, trying to include too many of them.

Spending 80% of the screen time introducing characters doesn't really allow time for developing them or the plot.

And can we please get rid of Jennifer Lawrence?! Not only is she the worst casting choice they could have made, but they completely butchered her character so that she could have a starring role.
January 25, 2018
What this movie lacks in a convincing villain, developed characters and unique plot it makes up for with awesome action sequences, casting and a few hints of the ever so effective emotional turmoil of mutant kind. Still could have been better if Simon didn't drop the ball on this one.
January 23, 2018
Weak\little action, mighty morphin Apocalyptic failure. Spoiler the bad guy makes a force field and they try to break it... 2 hours in one sentence.
January 21, 2018
its ok ive seen better and ive seen worse
January 21, 2018
loved xavier vs apocalypse as the main battle
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