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Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) wants to delay bombing the three countries allegedly responsible for the Second Wave attack until he hears from Jack (Kiefer Sutherland). His military advisors warn him that if they miss the opportunity for a surprise attack, American casualties will increase. Jack calls Tony (Carlos Bernard) to tell him that Wallace is dead, but Jack has the microchip containing the evidence that the Cypress recording was a fake. Yusuf (Donnie Keshawarz) discovers that there's a tracking device attached to the chip, so he removes it, and Jack takes it to lure away the bad guys, making arrangements to meet Kate (Sarah Wynter) and Yusuf later on. He tells them to go to CTU without him if he's doesn't show. Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth) convinces Tony to contact Palmer and tell him that Jack has the evidence. Palmer calls off the bombing, despite the advice of Lynne (Michelle Forbes) and Mike (Jude Ciccolella). Lynne later tells Mike she's heard a rumor that Vice President Prescott (Alan Dale) is holding a secret meeting of the cabinet, to which she has not been invited. Mike says he has a source in Defense, and asks Lynne to meet with him. Jack is captured by the bad guys, who take him back into the emergency clinic and torture him, demanding to know where the chip is. They put him on the phone with their boss, Kingsley (Tobin Bell). Jack refuses to talk, and the torture continues. Michelle tells Tony the truth about her ugly history with Carrie (Lourdes Benedicto). Chapelle (Paul Schulze) calls Tony to tell him that he and his people from division are on their way to take over. Kate and Yusuf are waiting at the meeting place, when Yusuf is attacked by anti-Arab yahoos.


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