Crossed Connections


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No sooner has Walnut Grove's first telephone been installed in the town's hotel than self-appointed operator Mrs. Oleson (Katherine MacGregor) begins eavesdropping on her neighbors. Overhearing a conversation between Alice Garvey (Hersha Parady) and her mother, Mrs. Oleson is shocked to discover that Alice was married before her union with her present husband, Jonathan (Merlin Oleson). This revelation causes a serious rift in the Garvey household -- at least until Jonathan finds out the real reason that Alice has never talked about her first husband.


James Olson
as Rev. Edward Danforth
Michael Landon
as Charles Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush
as Carrie Ingalls
Hersha Parady
as Alice Garvey
Victor French
as Isaiah Edwards
Dabbs Greer
as Rev. Alden
Melissa Sue Anderson
as Mary Ingalls Kendall
Melissa Gilbert
as Laura Ingalls
Katherine MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Karen Grassle
as Caroline Ingalls
Richard Bull
as Nels Oleson
Jonathan Gilbert
as Willie Oleson
Dean Butler
as Almanzo Wilder
Kevin Hagen
as Dr. Baker
Alison Arngrim
as Nellie Oleson
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Eliza Jane Wilder
Linwood Boomer
as Adam Kendall
Scottie MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Merlin Olsen
as Jonathan Garvey
Charlotte Stewart
as Miss Eva Beadle/Mrs. Simms
Sam Edwards
as Bill Anderson
Tom Rosqui
as Matthew Dobbs
Matthew Laborteaux
as Albert Quinn Ingalls
Marie Denn
as Alice's Mother
Wendi Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Brenda Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
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