Wilder and Wilder


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Charles Bloom guest stars as Perley, the younger brother of Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler). Hoping that his daughter Laura (Melissa Gilbert) will get over her infatuation with the older Almanzo, Charles (Michael Landon) encourages a romance between Laura and Perley -- but things changes dramatically when the careless Perley injures one of Almanzo's horses. Meanwhile, Laura's adoptive brother, Albert (Matthew Laborteaux), and Andy Garvey (Patrick Laborteaux) vie for the affections of pretty Penelope Parker (Stacy Sipes).


Charles Bloom
as Perley Day Wilder
Sidney Greenbush
as Carrie Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert
as Laura Ingalls
Karen Grassle
as Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson
as Mary Ingalls Kendall
Merlin Olsen
as Jonathan Garvey
Michael Landon
as Charles Ingalls
Katherine MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Kevin Hagen
as Dr. Baker
Alison Arngrim
as Nellie Oleson
Richard Bull
as Nels Oleson
Scottie MacGregor
as Harriet Oleson
Matthew Laborteaux
as Albert Quinn Ingalls
Stacy Sipes
as Penelope Parker
Jonathan Gilbert
as Willie Oleson
Linwood Boomer
as Adam Kendall
Kay Howell
as Mrs. Parker
Wendi Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Eliza Jane Wilder
Dabbs Greer
as Rev. Alden
Tobias Andersen
as Hank Mays
Brenda Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Dean Butler
as Almanzo Wilder
Parley Baer
as Mr. Williams
Paul Barselou
as Herb Gooder
Lucille Benson
as Miss Trimble
Bill Calvert
as Clay Mays
Bill Cross
as Mr. Parker
Tim Maier
as Chad Brewster
James Jeter
as Hans Dorfler
Michelle Downey
as Sue Goodspeed
Jonathan Woodward
as Tommy Dobkins
Kimberly Woodward
as Ruby Dobkins
Maggie Munro
as Student
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