Episode Two


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Barb and Russ face Carter and Aubry, who are reunited for the first time since being arrested more than a day ago. Meanwhile, a terrified Tony lands in juvenile detention, testing the resolve of his father, Alonzo; investigators find an existing warrant for Hector's arrest in Mexico; and emerging facts about Matt and Gwen strain the relationship between their parents.


Felicity Huffman
as Barb Hanlon
Timothy Hutton
as Russ Skokie
W. Earl Brown
as Tom Carlin
Richard Cabral
as Hector Tontz
Caitlin Gerard
as Aubry Taylor
Benito Martinez
as Alonzo Gutiérrez
Elvis Nolasco
as Carter Nix
Johnny Ortiz
as Tony Gutiérrez
Regina King
as Aliyah Shadeed
Marlyne Barrett
as Chris Thompson
Gleendilys Inoa
as Jenny Gutiérrez
Lili Taylor
as Nancy Straumberg
Kelli Bland
as Barista
Keith Bogart
as Grell/Reporter
Dave Buckman
as Richter
Michael Clossin
as Judge Wilson
Jon Michael Davis
as Detective Sanderson
Davíd Garza
as Video Judge
David DeLao
as George Fierro
Jesse DeLuna
as Officer Connors
Bob Hess
as Michael Taylor
Grant Merritt
as Matt Skokie
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