Born in the Wild (2015 - )

Born in the Wild

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Release Date: 2015

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Giving birth in a hospital, or even at home, is a little too traditional for some parents-to-be. The families featured in this series have decided to give birth in nature. The mothers don't get the benefit of induction or epidurals; they do it all naturally, which is fitting given the natural landscapes that surround them. The environment is challenging and there are obstacles to be overcome in the wild, but through it all if the couples persevere, they achieve their dreams of outdoor births.

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Cast & Crew

Jay Peterson
Executive Producer
Todd Lubin
Executive Producer
Yoshi Stone
Executive Producer
Eli Lehrer
Executive Producer
Mary Donahue
Executive Producer
Mariana Flynn
Executive Producer

Series Details

TV Network: LIFE
Premiere Date: Mar 3, 2015
Genre: Reality
Executive producers: Jay Peterson , Todd Lubin , Yoshi Stone , Eli Lehrer , Mary Donahue , Mariana Flynn
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