The Object of My Affection


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Alan pushes a temporary-insanity defense when Patrice is accused of killing the man who murdered her daughter; Denny finds fault with an associate's physique; Jerry helps a kindred spirit find a personal treasure.


James Spader
as Alan Shore
William Shatner
as Denny Crane
John Larroquette
as Carl Sack
Candice Bergen
as Shirley Schmidt
Christian Clemenson
as Jerry Espenson
Gary Anthony Williams
as Clarence/Clarice Bell
Tara Summers
as Katie Lloyd
Saffron Burrows
as Lorraine Weller
Taraji P. Henson
as Whitney Rome
Mare Winningham
as Patrice Kelly
Barry Primus
as Prof. Jeffrey Benoit
Enn Reitel
as Father Kevin Maher
Gregg L. Daniel
as Dr. Jason Marcini
Miriam Flynn
as Gretchen Winters
Peter Onorati
as Stewart Betts
Chuck McCann
as Judge Byron Fudd
Khali MacIntyre
as Nancy Wilding
Pamela Adlon
as Emma Path
Mary Gross
as Leigh Swift
Rod McLachlan
as Steve Hughes
Jill Brennan
as Gracie Jane
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