Beauty and the Beasts


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Faith (Eliza Dushku) thinks that a raging beast exists in all men; i.e., men are all dogs. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) doesn't agree, but when a boy is discovered mutilated, all signs point toward Buffy's friend, Oz (Seth Green), relegated to a cage in the library during the three nights a year that he becomes a wolfman. Then, Buffy encounters a strangely ferocious and maniacal Angel (David Boreanaz). Is he the killer? Meanwhile, Debbie (Danielle Weeks), an acquaintance of Oz's, and her boyfriend, Pete (John Patrick White), sneak out to a shed to make out. Like any hot blooded young male, Pete's throbbing for Debbie -- all over his body. Apparently, he turns into a rage demon when he is angered. Later, jealous that Debbie is friends with Oz, Pete attacks the werewolf and the two monster men run off -- hopefully to burn off some of that young male aggression.


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