Episode 4


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Jenny and Sister Winifred help an agoraphobic who hasn't left her flat in 12 years; Alec invites Jenny to Brighton for the weekend; and Shelagh helps bring back to life a local choir.


Jessica Raine
as Jenny Lee
Jenny Agutter
as Sister Julienne
Pam Ferris
as Sister Evangelina
Miranda Hart
as Chummy
Judy Parfitt
as Sister Monica Joan
Helen George
as Trixie Franklin
Bryony Hannah
as Cynthia Miller
Laura Main
as Shelagh Turner
Orion Ben
as Leah Moss
Vanessa Redgrave
as Jennifer (Mature)
Ilan Goodman
as Charlie Moss
Leo Staar
as Alec Jesmond
Dominic Tighe
as Clive Howard
Beverley Klein
as Mrs. Tzirale Rubin
Victoria Yeates
as Sister Winifred
Stephen McGann
as Dr. Patrick Turner
Max Macmillan
as Timothy Turner
Helen Phillips
as Kitty Chubb
Ben Caplan
as PC Peter Noakes
Timothy Speyer
as Mr. Delaney
Amanda Daniels
as Nurse Mills
Jack Ashton
as Tom Hereward
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