Judy Parfitt

Judy Parfitt

Highest Rated: 91% Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

Lowest Rated: 12% W.E. (2012)

Birthday: Nov 7, 1935

Birthplace: Not Available

British lead and supporting actress, onscreen from the early '60s.

Highest Rated Movies



13% The Moth Diaries Mrs. Rood $4.3K 2012
12% W.E. Queen Mary $0.6M 2012
87% Dean Spanley (My Talks with Dean Spanley) Mrs. Brimley 2008
No Score Yet Little Dorrit Mrs. Clennam 2008
12% The Aryan Couple, (The Couple) Rachel Krauzenberg 2005
36% Asylum Brenda Raphael $0.3M 2005
72% Girl With a Pearl Earring Maria Thins $11.6M 2004
83% The Bourne Identity Actor $121.6M 2002
91% Ever After: A Cinderella Story Queen Marie 1998
71% Wilde Lady Mount-Temple 1998
No Score Yet The Ruby Ring Mrs. Puxley 1997
No Score Yet September Verena 1996
No Score Yet Element of Doubt Actor 1996
84% Dolores Claiborne Vera Donovan 1995
No Score Yet Borrowers Mrs. Platter 1994
No Score Yet Silent Cries Beryl Stacton 1993
No Score Yet Return of the Borrowers Mrs. Platter 1993
No Score Yet Midnight's Child Actor 1992
36% Diamond Skulls (Dark Obsession) Lady Crewne 1991
20% King Ralph Queen Katherine 1991
No Score Yet Gravy Train Hilda Spearpoint 1990
67% Getting It Right Lady Stella Munday 1989
90% Maurice Mrs. Durham 1987
No Score Yet Office Romances Actor 1986
No Score Yet The Chain Deidre 1985
No Score Yet Champions Dr. Merrow 1984
No Score Yet Galileo Angelica Sarti 1975
No Score Yet The Edwardians Actor 1974
No Score Yet The Mind of Mr. Soames Jenny Bannerman 1970
No Score Yet Hamlet Gertrude 1969


89% Call the Midwife
Sister Monica Joan 2019
95% The Game
Hester Waterhouse 2014
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Harriet Collard Cicely Beauclerk Mrs. Clennam 2014
No Score Yet Vera
Maggie 2012
No Score Yet Midsomer Murders
No Score Yet ER
Isabelle Corday 2002
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Peggy Brooks 1989
No Score Yet Mystery!
Julia 1981
No Score Yet The Avengers (1961)
Brenda Paterson Loris Vesta Miss Ellis 1964
No Score Yet The Long Firm
Ruth Thursby


Queen Marie says: Choose wisely, Henry. Divorce is something they only do in England.

Queen Marie says: It's a strong woman who can keep her wits around her with you trying to steal her heart.

Prince Henry says: Yes. And what a clumsy thief I turned out to be!

Prince Henry says: Engaged? To a Belgian?

Queen Marie says: I am afraid so.

Prince Henry says: There must be some mistake. This can't be true.

Queen Marie says: She was traveling by a boat this afternoon. Baroness Rodmilla was quite reluctant to talk about it.

Prince Henry says: No wonder, with tidings such as these! If she were betrothed, she should have had the decency to say something!

Queen Marie says: And would you have listened?

Prince Henry says: Of course not! .... How could I have been so blind? I was there pouring my royal heart out, while she only came to bid me farewell!

Vera Donovan says: Husbands die every day. Why, there's probably one dying right now while you're sitting here weeping. They die, and leave their wives their money. I should know, shouldn't I? Sometimes they're driving home from their mistress's apartment, and their brakes suddenly fail. An accident, Dolores, can be an unhappy woman's best friend.

Vera Donovan says: Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to.

Queen Marie says: Baroness de Ghent, you are forthwith striped of your title. And you and your horrible daughter are to be shipped to the Americas on the first available boat, unless by some miracle, someone here will speak for you. [Rodmilla backs up looking at everyone]

Rodmilla says: There seems to be quite a few people out of town.

Danielle says: I will speak for her. [Rodmilla is shocked, as everyone bows] She is after all my step-mother.

Rodmilla says: Your Highness. [she bows, disdainfully]

King Francis says: Baroness, did you or did you not, lie to her majesty the queen of France?

Queen Marie says: Choose your words wisely, madam. For they maybe your last.

Queen Marie says: Sweet heart, you born to privilege, and with that comes specific obligations.

Marguerite says: [jumps out of her seat and throwing a temper tantrum]

Queen Marie says: Good heavens, child. Are you alright?

Marguerite says: Twas a bee.