Heat Wave


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The Little Otter campers and staff deal with an oppressive heat wave. Meanwhile, Buzz plans his 16th-birthday party; Sarah runs into her secret crush while borrowing a generator from Camp Ridgefield; Buzz catches Kip kissing Chloe; and Mack scrambles to find a gift for Buzz after her ex-husband gives him the night-vision goggles he wanted for his birthday.


Rachel Griffiths
as Mackenzie "Mack" Granger
Nikolai Nikolaeff
as David "Cole" Coleman
Rodger Corser
as Roger Shepard
Tim Pocock
as Robbie Matthews
Tom Green (XI)
as Kip Wampler
Tom Green (III)
as Kip Wampler
Charles Grounds
as Buzz Granger
Dena Kaplan
as Sarah Brennen
Lily Sullivan
as Marina Barker
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