Home Is the Sailor


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Season six of Cheers picks up some six months after the end of season five, when Sam Malone (Ted Danson) bade farewell to Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) a scant few hours before they were to have become man and wife. Having sold Cheers to a large corporation, Sam purchased a boat and headed off for an around-the-world voyage to forget his troubles. Alas, the boat has sunk, and now an impoverished Sam is back at Cheers, seeking employment at the pub he once owned. The only job open is as assistant bartender -- and in an even more humiliating development, the super-chauvinistic Sam must now take orders from Cheers' new female manager, who is utterly impervious to his manly charms. Kirstie Alley makes her first appearance as Rebecca Howe.


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