CSI: NY: Season 1 (2004 - 2005)


Season 1

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Gary Sinise makes for an appealingly subdued lead in CSI:NY, helping this spinoff series distinguish itself as its own unique iteration of the flagship show's established formula.



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Air date: Sep 22, 2004
Air date: Sep 29, 2004
Air date: Oct 6, 2004
Air date: Oct 27, 2004
Air date: Nov 3, 2004
Air date: Nov 10, 2004
Air date: Nov 17, 2004
Air date: Nov 24, 2004
Air date: Dec 1, 2004
Air date: Dec 15, 2004
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A spin-off of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" follows a New York forensics team headed by investigator Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) probes the death of a teen girl found floating in a creek, while Mac and Aiden (Vanessa Ferlito) investigate the murder of a drug dealer. Later, Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) is called into action after a street performer turns up dead. Hill Harper and Eddie Cahill also star in the first season.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes
as Det. Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Vanessa Ferlito
as Aiden Burn
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
Sonya Walger
as Jane Parsons
J. Grant Albrecht
as Dr. Leonard Giles
Chad Lindberg
as Chad Willingham
Terry Kinney
as Tom Mitford
Kelly Hu
as Det. Kaile Maka
Joe Morton
as Chief Dwight Hillborne
Nick Damici
as Det. Patrick Colton
Master P
as Kevin Vick
Mike Starr
as Chief Vince Robinson
Dorian Missick
as Jayden Prince
Greg Davis Jr
as Terrell Davenport
Samantha Quan
as Joanne Cho
Lindsay Parker
as Jordan Benson
Jim Pirri
as Bernardo Espargosa
Vitali Baganov
as Bogdhan Ivanov
Charles Parks
as Mr. Moreland
Patrick Bauchau
as Dr. Willems
Ray Abruzzo
as Bob Galanis
Jack Gwaltney
as Sgt. Gavin Moran
William Russ
as Arnold Prescott
Billy Brown
as George Thomas
Steven Flynn
as Luke Sutton
Heather Kafka
as Ophelia Dichiara
Michael DeLuise
as Sonny Sassone
Ed O'Ross
as Paul Wojewedski
Amy Aquino
as Diane Lipstone
Matt Bushell
as Marvin Hummel
Katie Chonacas
as Anasuya Espargosa
Robin Thomas
as Abel Bloom
Eric Ritter
as Pete Riggs
Danielle Burgio
as Margo Trent
Garret Dillahunt
as Steve Collins
Denice J. Sealy
as Raquel Trinidad
Susan Ruttan
as Mrs. Moreland
Peter O'Meara
as Paul Stryzewski
Jay Acovone
as Paul Gianetti
David Packer
as Morty Sherman
Amaury Nolasco
as Ruben DeRosa
Maya Rubin
as Monique
Allen Payne
as Willie Chancey
Mark Ivanir
as Maxwell Neiman
Stacey Travis
as Chandra Heckman
Emily Harrison
as Amy Madoff
Michele Hicks
as Robin Prescott
Joe Sikora
as Joe Riggs
David Barrera
as Jose Figueroa
Scott Valentine
as Dr. Steven Rydell
Rick D. Wasserman
as Walter Lisco
Bumper Robinson
as Mike Prineman
Mike Hagerty
as Tim Goodman
Andre Ware
as Tony Fenn
Stacy Edwards
as Debbie Montenassi
Alanna Ubach
as Constance Briell
Ricky Harris
as Disco Placid
Kym Hoy
as Nina Chang
Fredric Lane
as Ross Lee
Clay Wilcox
as Paul Baxter
Paul Perri
as Joe Garford
Corin Nemec
as Todd Camden
Christopher Watters
as Rick Amadori
Andre Kristoff
as Tony Garcia
Andrew Bowen
as Bryce Sweet
Dave Power
as James Madoff
Jennifer Jackson
as LeAnn Goodman
Thomas Kopache
as Paul Danner
Larry Clarke
as Father Tim Murphy
Gabriel Casseus
as Jerald Brown
T.J. Thyne
as Ron Leatham
Ted Raimi
as Joe Strahil
Johnny Cocktails
as Melvin Heckman
Arsha Darbinyan
as Nadia Inanov
De'Angelo Wilson
as Lamar Adams
Jordana Spiro
as Tavia Greenburg
Sam Huntington
as Connor Mulcahy
Matt McCoy
as Martin Benson
Alex Soi
as Luther Willett
Michael Maize
as Jake Lydell
Mel Rodriguez
as Al McGrath
Nicholas Pratley
as Ryan Mallone
Peter Giles
as John James III
Mark Sheppard
as Kevin Hannigan
Sydney Walsh
as Laural Stanwyk
Kimberly Dooley
as Glenda Wallace
Johnny Sneed
as Joel/Aaron
Olivia Burnette
as Madison Haynes
Sarah Aldrich
as Emily Dent
Kanin J. Howell
as Lenny Starks
Mark Kelly
as Rob Bloom
Jeff Parise
as Bobby Lugano
Erik Gavica
as Tomas Perez
Vince Donvito
as Jeff Wesley
Patrick Brennan
as Ryan Brocco
Tayler Sheridan
as Joel Banks
Noureen DeWulf
as Matrice Singh
Kathryn Harrold
as Judge Beverly Fulton
Chayton Arvin
as Samir Persaud
Tom Bresnahan
as Nick Lawson
Erin O'Connor
as Mandi Como
Sandy Martin
as Mrs. Collins
Kristen Shaw
as Deirdre Hertzberg
Bradley Stryker
as Jason Walder
Cyia Batten
as Ariana Lee
Elle Fanning
as Jenny Como
Diva Zappa
as Della Fallon
Leia Thompson
as Paula Reed
Cliff Weissman
as Mr. Novick
Wil Horneff
as Dennis Sporco
Fred Koehler
as Billy Rendish
John DiMaggio
as Mike Donelly
Carter Jenkins
as Will Galanis
Rose Abdoo
as Blanca Vasquez
Petros Papadakis
as Rico Savalas
John Ross Bowie
as Lester Jayne
Shi Ne Nielson
as Mitchiko Muzawa
Andy Comeau
as Carson Silo
Shi Ne Nielson
as Mitchiko Muzawa
Jacob Vargas
as Luis Torres
David Guzzone
as Kevin Moretti
Marco Sanchez
as Ramir Santo
Leslie Bega
as Grace Walderson
Maurice Compte
as Michael Armstrong
Sarah Foret
as Tina Paulson
Ranjani Brow
as Rachel Camden
Kellan Lutz
as Alex Hopper
Ben Bode
as Professor Newlin
Joseph Thomas
as Donovan Tracey
Sean Shanks
as Jared Perkins
Barry Del Sherman
as Richard Smockton
Anjul Nigam
as Harish Lev
Neal Matarazzo
as Henry Milton
Gilbert Rosales
as Det. Rodney Minhas
Long Nguyen
as Mitsuo Katsui
Sarah Lafleur
as Paige Worthy
Ana Alexander
as Zoya Pavlova
Laura Leigh Hughes
as Jennifer Stupaine
Clark Gregg
as Allen McShane
April Bowlby
as Jenny Lee
Don Wallace
as Shaun Deroy
Jason Cerbone
as Tony Reanetti
Ajay Mehta
as Dr. Smythe
Josh Hammond
as Calvin Montgomery
Eamon Behrens
as Johnny Lucerno
Tory Kittles
as Sean Bally
Chris Tardio
as Steve Dark
Laurence N. Kaldor
as Frank Hertzberg
Sean Vincent Biggins
as Leo Whitefield
Kendra Sue Waldman
as Lita Cartey
Mike Risco
as Hector Vasquez
Jude Ciccolella
as Nick Vicenzo
Jeremy Ray Valdez
as Antonio Reyes
Ned Bellamy
as Mr. Everett
Tim Sitarz
as Adam Baxter
Joshua Leonard
as Matt Paulson
Sidney Faison
as Dwayne Meade
David DeLuise
as Lance Moretti
Victor Browne
as Jason Cartey
Marty Yost
as Gilbert Novotny
Brad Prepon
as Bill Lemakkia
Danny Wynands
as Clark Boyd
Conor Dubin
as Jason Parnell
Irene Tsu
as Madam Tuki Song
Carlos Sanchez
as Manny Moraga
Pete Gardner
as Gavin Arnold
Adina Porter
as Shannon Goodall
Sven Holmberg
as Jordy Tompkins
Leticia Castillo
as Octavia Figueroa
Carol Kiernan
as Off. Jody Henderson
Craig Baxley Jr.
as Lenny Cook
Melissa Lee Holloman
as Melissa Wesley
Albie Selznick
as John Stupaine
Cisco Reyes
as Luis Accosta
Timon Kyle Durrett
as Officer Jasper
Melissa Lee
as Melissa Wesley
Nick Di Brizzi Jr.
as Paul Montenassi
Hugh Scott
as Eric Slovenski
Moshe Rothblum
as Rabbi Meir
Brian Jay
as Stuart Ashton
Jim Metzler
as Dr. Huff
Noa Hegesh
as Julie Galanis
Patricia Martínez
as Sandra Lopez
Jeris Poindexter
as George Albergo
Paul Carafotes
as Det. Thacker
Tracey Costello
as Toni Terrell
Kevin Kearns
as Paddy Dolan
Freddy Bouciegues
as Randy Hontz
Devon Cromwell
as Will Novick
Rosalee Mayeux
as Hannah's Mother
Carmen Plumb
as Sunshine
Mark Rolston
as Bill Markoni
Juddson Linn
as Officer Valasquez
Scott Richards
as Tina's Attorney
Andy Milder
as Truman Jafari
Tauvia Dawn
as Debbie Bogda
Jared Poe
as Jimmy Prineman
Diana Lupo
as Charlotte
Jim Ortlieb
as John Swinton
Allen Rice
as Minister
Toby Holguin
as Fernando Reyes
Ben Robin
as Club Owner
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Critic Reviews for CSI: NY Season 1

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I couldn't keep my eyes off Gary Sinise, who plays well-dressed Detective Mac Taylor with extraordinary intensity that is never over the top.

Nov 14, 2018 | Full Review…

Gary Sinise has the requisite mien of a CSI investigator: pasty, sleep-deprived and grim, like Miami's David Caruso or Las Vegas' inimitable William Petersen.

Nov 14, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

CSI: NY looks good, and Sinise carries the show effortlessly. But the show needs work, and it needs time.

Sep 17, 2018 | Full Review…

The episode is photographed and written with an off-putting self-importance; it badly gloms onto recent events to explain a character's suffering.

Sep 27, 2017 | Full Review…

Scene by scene, Sinise silently begs for your empathy with every inch of his stage-trained talents. He'll get to you.

Sep 17, 2018 | Full Review…

Sinise, an Emmy-winning character actor (George Wallace), has tough acts to follow in William Petersen and David Caruso, but he draws viewers to his character by giving him a low-key professionalism tinged with sadness.

Sep 17, 2018 | Full Review…

One of the things that gets me about this show, as it is with all of the CSI shows, is the cold, clinical efficiency with which the characters approach their jobs.

Dec 5, 2005 | Rating: 9/10 | Full Review…

Introduced one of the major flaws of the series: the attempt to make us care about its characters' personal lives by giving them random snatches of "revealing" dialogue.

Nov 14, 2018 | Full Review…

Though Stella's newfound spunk was a delicious treat... New York still needs to unravel the secret to making a crime captivating.

Nov 14, 2018 | Rating: C | Full Review…

But there's no doubt Sinise offers a perfect template for personal asides and emotional subtexts, murky detours that may occasionally cloud -- and liven up -- all that steamrolling, high-tech efficiency.

Sep 17, 2018 | Full Review…

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