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Lucifer (2016 - )





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When the devil tires of life in Hell, he materialises in the City of Angels, where he aids the LAPD in rounding up and punishing evildoers in this TV-adaptation of the comic book.
Creator: Tom Kapinos

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Aired Mon, Mar 19, 2018

The Last Heartbreak
Lucifer: Season 3, The Last Heartbreak

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Mon, March 26, 2018

Orange is the New Maze
Lucifer: Season 3, Orange is the New Maze

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2017, FOX, 19 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, FOX, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: Lucifer's got sex appeal, but the show's hackneyed cop procedural format undermines a potentially entertaining premise.

2016, FOX, 13 episodes


Tom Ellis
as Lucifer
D.B. Woodside
as Amenadiel
Lauren German
as Chloe Dancer
Rachael Harris
as Linda Martin
Tricia Helfer
as Charlotte
Tom Welling
as Marcus Pierce
Dawn Olivieri
as Lt. Olivia Monroe
Heather Tom
as Malcolm's Wife
Lochlyn Munro
as Anthony Paolucci
Suzanne Cryer
as Grace Foley
Alex Fernandez
as Deputy Warden Perry Smith
Ian Reed Kesler
as The Fixer
Matthew Yang King
as Adrian Yates
Saxton Sharbino
as Carly Glantz
Rickey Eugene Brown
as Tyson Crawford
Antonio Jaramillo
as Jerry Blackcrow Ross
Redaric Williams
as Ty Huntley
Christian Chang
as Vanessa Dunlear
Omar Leyva
as Lalo Vasquez
Tom Sizemore
as Hank Cutter
Evan Arnold
as Jacob Williams
Chris Marquette
as Carver Cruz
Michael Welch
as Kyle Erikson
Eddie Shin
as Benny Cho
Joy Osmanski
as Sandy Shaw
Dorian Missick
as Will Flemming
Robin Givens
as Leila Simms
John Prowse
as Jack Peterson
Aiden Finn
as Malcolm's Son
Craig Erickson
as Neil Palmer
Eric Ladin
as Liam Pickering
Nicholas Jandl
as Eric Cooper
Bailey Noble
as Lindsay Jolson
Ryan Alosio
as Jenson Glory; Jamie Ostrowski
Marcus Coloma
as Hector Ruiz
Colin Egglesfield
as Ben Wheeler
Tosca Leong
as Sally Peterson
Charles Halford
as Boris Sokolov
Mike Doyle
as Bradley
Camille Chen
as Sheila Vestal
Lalo Vasquez
as Omar Leyva
Lanny Joon
as Yellow Viper
Carlos Knight
as Emmet Toussaint
Vik Sahay
as Ray Codfree
Pej Vahdat
as Josh McGregor
Marco Sanchez
as Lt. Herrera
Kate Beahan
as Justine Doble
Jackie Geary
as Tiffany James
Fiona Gubelmann
as Kay/Maddie
Ryan Bruce
as Corazon
Mark Dacascos
as Rolf Van Zandt
Andrea Bogart
as Corrina Huff
Russell Wong
as Vincent Green
McNally Sagal
as Margo Channing
Nelson Wong
as Coroner
James Rash
as Richard
Kevin Carroll
as Sinnerman
Lauren Lapkus
as Bree Garland/Abel
Shannon Chan-Kent
as Kathleen Lyon
Britt Baron
as Maggie Cole
Taylor Gildersleeve
as Misty Canyons
Julianne Christie
as Gayle Sherman
Charisma Carpenter
as Jamie Lee Adrienne
AnnaMaria DeMara
as Peggy Russo
Flex Alexander
as Simon Donaghy
Kevin Christy
as Bobby Lowe
Lauren Holly
as Roxie Pagliani
Austin Basis
as Todd Cornwell
Tina Pham
as Brittany 1
Joe Williamson
as Party Boy; Burt
Scott Patey
as Matthew
Michael Randy
as Mack Slater
Ed Kerr
as Don Zeikel
Andrew Wheeler
as Mr. Davis
Paul Lazenby
as Jackson
Michael A. Goorjian
as Elliot Richards
Harry Katzman
as Tommy Smith
Sharif Atkins
as Prosecutor Earl Steadman
Joshua Gomez
as Neil Berger
Kristen Robek
as Hot Lonely
Phil LaMarr
as Rudy Goldburg
Ryan Bittle
as Mr. Taylor
Steve Suh
as Brandon Hong
Trevor Donovan
as Max Evans
Emily Bruhn
as Brittany 2
Daniel Edward Mora
as Victor Perez
Sean Hunter
as Jason Myers
Elfina Luk
as Madame Chunhua Li
Anastasia Leddick
as Helena Handbasket
Anil Rama
as Agent Pitts
Matthew MacCaull
as Nicholas Sands
Jamie Kennedy
as Andy Kleinburg
Jack Yang
as Dt. Jay Wong
Blake Shields
as Liam Wade
Jason Day
as Security Guard
Lobo Sebastian
as Joe Fields
April Grace
as Dr. Scott
Rey Valentin
as Jay Lopez
Karin Konoval
as Judge Vicky Estrada
Toby Levins
as Tim Pickman
Lindsay Gort
as Candy Morning Star
Grant Harvey
as Lucibro
Karen Holness
as Sidney Loomis
Lee Shan Gibson
as Police Officer
Michasha Armstrong
as Tim Dunlear
Bree Condon
as Veronica
Julie Gonzalo
as Jessica Johnson
Hal Ozsan
as Sergei
Phil Granger
as Louie Delgado
Ash Lee
as Klause
Tina Georgieva
as Club Goer
Behtash Fazlali
as Maitre d'
Tim DeKay
as Professor
Joshua Bitton
as Wes Williams
Chris McKenna
as Ben Rivers
David Perez
as Neighbor
Farrah Aviva
as Yoga Mom Sonya
Johanna Olson
as Debbie Lang
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