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Malcolm in the Middle (2000 - 2006)

Malcolm in the Middle (2000 - 2006)






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A delightfully off-the-wall show about a bright youngster, his brothers, goofy dad and spunky mom. Wonderfully performed and scripted, with unpredictable (often irreverent) storylines. Home sweet home has seldom been such a nutty battleground.
Creator: Linwood Boomer

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2005, FOX, 22 episodes

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2004, FOX, 22 episodes

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2003, FOX, 22 episodes

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2002, FOX, 22 episodes

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2001, FOX, 22 episodes

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2000, FOX, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Malcolm in the Middle blasts out of the gate with a startlingly adept child performance from Frankie Muniz, a robust family ensemble, and a distinctive, punchy visual style.

2000, FOX, 16 episodes


Frankie Muniz
as Malcolm Wilkerson
Jane Kaczmarek
as Lois Wilkerson
Bryan Cranston
as Hal Wilkerson
Justin Berfield
as Reese Wilkerson
Erik Per Sullivan
as Dewey Wilkerson
Craig Lamar Taylor
as Stevie Kenarban
Meagen Fay
as Gretchen
Daniel von Bargen
as Cmdr. Edwin Spangler
Chris Eigeman
as Mr. Herkabe
Merrin Dungey
as Mrs. Kenarbin
Karim Prince
as Stanley
Brenda Wehle
as Lavernia
Steve Rankin
as Sgt. Hendrix
Tricia O'Kelley
as Mrs. Welsh
Alessandra Toreson
as Sara Coleman
Beth Grant
as Dorene
Nancy Lenehan
as Christie
Ron West
as Mr. Flerch
Jim Jansen
as Pastor Roy
Paul Gleason
as Mystery Man
Rose Abdoo
as Margie
James Black
as Sgt. Rick
Sheff Otis
as Stevenson
Bea Arthur
as Mrs. White
Steven Gilborn
as Dr. Harrison
Dave Allen
as Mr. Woodward
Andy Richter
as Dr. Kennedy
Chase Ellison
as Young Francis
Curtis Taylor
as Bill Rendall
Marc Vann
as Mr. Pinter
Florence Stanley
as Mrs. Griffin
Hallee Hirsh
as Jessica
David Cassidy
as Boone Vincent
Fredric Lane
as Off. Ridley
George Takei
as Himself
Rob Elk
as Devon
Lisa Lewolt
as Wendy Finnerman
Sam McMurray
as Off. Stockton
Lisa Foiles
as Mallory
Kurtwood Smith
as Principal Block
Thomas Kopache
as Vic Feldspar
Dana Davis
as Chandra
Kurt Fuller
as Mr. Young
Clyde Kusatsu
as Ice Cream Man
Lindsey Haun
as Kristen
Devin Sidell
as Teenage Lois
Kaitlin Cullum
as Stephanie
LeRoi Gray
as Brandon
Andrew Massey
as Mr. Waffles
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Mr. Inkster
Casey Sander
as Father Murphy
Eddie Shin
as Jordan
Patricia Belcher
as Dr. Armstrong
Lorna Raver
as Big Kathy
Davenia McFadden
as Dr. Samson
Cece Tsou
as Vivian
David Doty
as Priest
Bette Rae
as Mrs. Potts
Wayne Wilderson
as Hotel Clerk
George Wyner
as Foreman Fred
Matt Malloy
as Mr. Sheridan
Don R. McManus
as Charles Cutler
Holmes Osborne
as Mr. Young
Mary Gross
as Evelyn
Jill Basey
as Shirley
Adam Hendershott
as Cadet Adam
Fred Sanders
as Cynthia's Dad
Arjay Smith
as Cadet Finley
Randall Bosley
as Mr. Dodson
A.J. Noel
as Bobby
James Hong
as Mr. Li
Judith Moreland
as Prosecutor
Joel Anderson
as Mr. Edwards
Michael McShane
as Dr. Phelps
Mark Chaet
as Doctor
David Burke
as Wheeler
Caroline Aaron
as Nurse Peterson
Leah Pipes
as Stephanie
Craig O'Brien
as Ronnie Logan
Mark Moses
as Richard
Vic Polizos
as Father McCluskey
Maura Soden
as Roberta
Joan McMurtrey
as Mrs. Inkster
Hallie Todd
as Miss Shaw
Jason Huber
as Alfredo
Don Pugsley
as Scott Porter
Jack Axelrod
as Sheldon
Cristine Rose
as Mrs. DeMarco
Ben Kronen
as Dawkins
Kevin Cooney
as Dr. Dumont
Cynthia Sophiea
as Ms. Sanguinetti
Richard Topol
as Mr. Grieb
Howie Long
as Coach Howie
Brad Bufanda
as Luger Bob
John Ducey
as Peter Rubin
as Meryl
Sam Lerner
as Patrick
Erik King
as Agent Stone
Michael Milhoan
as Sgt. McManus
Tom Simmons
as Mr. Snow
Harley Zumbrum
as Pete Bucowski
Eric Hoffman
as Mr. Cyr
Michael Monks
as Grossman
Lindsey Ginter
as Capt. Renquist
James Henriksen
as Off. Moon
Tom Virtue
as Dietrich
Richard Gross
as Logger Dave
Larry Dorf
as Warren
Megan Hubbell
as Jerome's Girlfriend
Monti Sharp
as Off. Joplin
Dennis Cockrum
as Lt. Sortino
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Jan 9, 2000
Executive Producer: Linwood Boomer
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