Mobbed (2011 - )


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Release Date: 2011

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Host Howie Mandel ("Deal or No Deal"), inspired by the Internet sensation of flash mobs, partners up with groups of strangers across the United States to help individuals deliver important announcements to their loved ones. As each person prepares for his or her event and refines the announcement, Howie is there to lend guidance. On the big day, the performances start off with only a few dancers before quickly escalating to grand-scale song-and-dance spectacles designed to make the message that follows all the more special.
Starring: Howie Mandel

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Cast & Crew

Howie Mandel
Executive Producer
Chris Cowan
Executive Producer
Jean-Michel Michenaud
Executive Producer
Mike Marks
Executive Producer
Darryl Trell
Executive Producer
Howard Kitrosser
Executive Producer
Kevin Healey
Executive Producer
Michael Rotenberg
Executive Producer
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