Modern Dads (2013 - )

Modern Dads

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Release Date: 2013

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Traditional parenting roles are happily tossed aside in this real-life series, which follows a tight-knit group of friends in Austin, Texas, as they go about their daily duties as stay-at-home fathers. In "Modern Dads," a good day at the office for the guys means juggling the requirements and social expectations of being both a "modern dude" and "modern dad" while their significant others are working long hours. The series features new father Nathan, who is both obsessed with and overprotective of his toddler; Rick, known as "The MacGyver of Dads" for the way he creatively solves problems for his four kids; stepdad Sean, who loves to make light of any situation and make his two daughters laugh; and Stone, a single dad with two grown kids whose life now revolves around his precocious 5-year-old daughter.

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Cast & Crew

Rebecca Toth Diefenbach
Executive Producer
Valerie Haselton Drescher
Executive Producer
Jen Mayer Kulp
Executive Producer
Lucilla D'Agostino
Executive Producer
Adam Paul
Executive Producer
Elaine Frontain Bryant
Executive Producer
Lily Neumeyer
Executive Producer
Evan Lerner
Executive Producer
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