A Cock and Balls Story
Oz Season 4

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Adebisi (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje) tries to figure out what to do with his new gun. Glynn (Ernie Hudson) ends the lockdown, after warning the prisoners that the racial unrest has to stop. With Khan's death, Arif (Granville Adams) takes leadership of the Muslims, and Said (Eamonn Walker) doesn't oppose him. Cyril (Scott William Winters) is tormented by the ghosts of the men he's killed, so O'Reily (Dean Winters) tries to get Sister Pete (Rita Moreno) to arrange for him and Cyril to meet with Dr. Nathan (Lauren Velez) and her late husband's parents. Dr. Nathan refuses. After another solitary prisoner kills himself, it's decided that the prisoners will have one hour of "recreation" time per day. This turns out to mean trouble for Alvarez (Kirk Acevedo), because another prisoner in solitary wants him dead. Beecher (Lee Tergesen) contacts his father (Edward Herrmann), who agrees to help him try to locate Schillinger's (J.K. Simmons) son, Hank. His efforts to help Schillinger cause friction between Beecher and Keller (Christopher Meloni). Shirley Bellinger (Kathryn Erbe) is sent back to death row after miscarrying, and makes a new friend, Moses (Erik King). Governor Devlin (Zeljko Ivanek) is running for reelection, and may want Glynn to run for lieutenant governor. McManus (Terry Kinney) decides to propose to Diane Wittlesey, but he finds out she's marrying someone else in London. New prisoners arrive in Em City, including Mobay (Lance Reddick), who turns out to have a special relationship with Glynn. Also arriving are Galino (Domenick Lombardozzi), who unwisely gives his cell phone to Stanislofsky (Philip Casnoff), and Guillaume Tarrant (Lothaire Bluteau), who is tormented by Wangler (J.D. Williams) and his crew, until Adebisi thinks of a way to use his gun.

Cast & Crew

Kirk Acevedo
Miguel Alvarez
Ernie Hudson
Warden Leo Glynn
Terry Kinney
Tim McManus
Rita Moreno
Sister Peter Marie Reimondo
Harold Perrineau
Augustus Hill
J.K. Simmons
Vern Schillinger
Lee Tergesen
Tobias "Toby" Beecher
Eamonn Walker
Kareem Said
Dean Winters
Ryan O'Reily
Kathryn Erbe
Shirley Bellinger
Luis Guzmán
Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez
Austin Pendleton
William Giles
Lauren Vélez
Dr. Gloria Nathan
B.D. Wong
Father Ray Mukada
Lothaire Bluteau
Guillaume Tarrant
Philip Casnoff
Nikolai Stanislofsky
Tom Madirosian
Agamemnon Busmalis
Kristin Rohde
Officer Claire Howell
J.D. Williams
Kenny 'Bricks' Wangler
Lance Reddick
Desmond Mobay
Chuck Zito
Chucky Pancamo
Barry Levinson
Executive Producer
Tom Fontana
Executive Producer
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