Sexual Harassment Panda


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South Park satirizes the country's propensity for litigation, as well as Judge Judy, in this biting and typically irreverent episode. After a visit from Sexual Harassment Panda, Cartman successfully sues Stan, opening up the floodgates for similar lawsuits. Kyle's father, a lawyer, becomes rich. Kenny, Kyle, Eric, and Stan go in search of the now missing Sexual Harassment Panda and talk him into becoming "Petey the Don't Sue People Panda." "Sexual Harassment Panda" first aired July 7, 1999, on Comedy Central.


Matt Stone
as Kyle/Kenny
Trey Parker
as Stan/Cartman/Mr. Garrison/Timmy
Mary Kay Bergman
as Principal Victoria/Liane/Sharon/Sheila/Nurse Gollum

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