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Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1 Episode 11 Reviews

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María Garduño
Geeks of Color
August 14, 2018

If you're one who enjoys action, mystery, tension, a little bit of drama and constantly saying "What the...." at the events happening on the screen, this show is for you.

Swapna Krishna
Syfy Wire
July 17, 2018

One thing I'm really appreciating is that the Mirror Universe in Star Trek: Discovery has a purpose beyond "let's see how different we can make things."

Monique Jones
March 14, 2018

The mirror verse is so stressful! I sweated throughout the entirety of the latest Star Trek: Discovery episode, "The Wolf Inside."

Andrew Lowry
Independent (UK)
January 17, 2018

So, this all may sound like there were some pretty dramatic developments, but it's hard to nail down precisely why 'The Wolf Inside' doesn't work.

Eric Renner Brown
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic
January 17, 2018

"The Wolf Inside" was messy, confusing, and often thrilling - sort of like the Terran-dominated alternate universe in which the show's titular crew find themselves stranded.

Full Review | Original Score: B
Andrew Todd
January 16, 2018

I'm into where Discovery is going now, and I'm glad the show is deepening its exploration of the Mirror Universe.

Lauren O'Callaghan
SFX Magazine
January 16, 2018

Happily, episode 11, The Wolf Inside, doesn't let up the pace and while it swaps action for character revelations, it's no less thrilling because of it.

Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
Zack Handlen
AV Club
Top Critic
January 16, 2018

Still, judged on its own merits, "The Wolf Inside" has a fair amount going for it, including strong performances, considerable style, and the usual lightning fast pace.

Full Review | Original Score: B+
Andrea Thompson
The Young Folks
January 16, 2018

It's a lot of ground for one episode to cover, and The Wolf Inside manages to cover it all in an impressively paced episode that manages to emphasize both action and the relationships it's built up.

Full Review | Original Score: 8/10
Sopan Deb
New York Times
Top Critic
January 16, 2018

Like with so much of the Discovery maiden voyage, the ambition and ideas are interesting, but the execution often leaves much to be desired.

Diana Keng
TV Fanatic
January 16, 2018

Yes, they essentially ran with four DIFFERENT plot-lines but they OWNED them. I was never unclear as to what was going on.

Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
Mallory Ortberg
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic
January 16, 2018

Burnham is still captain of the ISS Shenzhou, and in the grand tradition of evil doppelgängers everywhere, her outfits are incredible.

Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
Kayti Burt
Den of Geek
January 14, 2018

Discovery prioritizes the twist over all else, such as character development, motivation, or context.

Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
Scott Collura
IGN Movies
January 14, 2018

"The Wolf Inside" finally took the next step regarding a couple of major plot points, which was a gratifying turn of events... That combined with excellent performances and lots of awesomely nerdy touches makes for one of the best Discovery episodes yet.

Full Review | Original Score: 8.9/10
Liz Shannon Miller
Top Critic
January 14, 2018

"The Wolf Inside" was a compelling tale, making the best argument possible for Discovery spending multiple episodes of its first season in the Mirror Universe.

Full Review | Original Score: A-
George Thomas
Akron Beacon Journal
January 14, 2018

Assuming Star Trek: Discovery could match last week's superb kickoff to Chapter 2 would have been a bold thought. Sometimes, however, it's good to think big.

Full Review | Original Score: 3-of-4
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