The Man in the High Castle (2015 - 2019)

The Man in the High Castle


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This series, loosely based Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name, takes a look at what the world might look like had the outcome of World War II turned out differently. In this dystopian scenario, the Axis powers won the war, leading to the United States being divided into three parts, an area controlled by the Japanese, a Nazi-controlled section, and a buffer zone between the two. Despite the oppression, a new hope emerges when films turn up that seem to show a different world. A woman believes the films contain the key to freedom and is determined to find their mysterious guardian.

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Cast & Crew

Alexa Davalos
Juliana Crain
Joel de la Fuente
Inspector Kido
Rufus Sewell
John Smith
Brennan Brown
Robert Childan
Chelah Horsdal
Helen Smith
Jason O'Mara
Wyatt Price
Frances Turner
Bell Mallory
Rich Ting
Capt. Iijima
Bruce Locke
Gov. Gen. Yamori
Rupert Evans
Frank Frink
DJ Qualls
Ed McCarthy
Bella Heathcote
Nicole Becker
Sebastian Roché
Reichsminister Martin Heusmann
Ridley Scott
Executive Producer
David W. Zucker
Executive Producer
Richard Heus
Executive Producer
Isa Dick Hackett
Executive Producer
Wesley Strick
Executive Producer
Daniel Percival
Executive Producer
David Scarpa
Executive Producer
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