The Man in the Bottle


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This variation of the old "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" yarn stars Luther Adler and Vivi Janiss as Arthur and Edna Castle, the debt-ridden owners of a failing pawnshop. The Castles' luck changes dramatically when, after purchasing an old bottle, they discover that the bottle contains a dapper and somewhat sinister genie (Joseph Ruskin). Granted the usual three wishes, Arthur and Edna soon learn that they were better off when they were worse off. Written by Rod Serling, "The Man in the Bottle" was originally telecast October 7, 1960.


Vivi Janiss
as Edna Castle
Lisa Golm
as Mrs. Gumley
Peter Coe
as German Officer
Albert Szabo
as German Officer No. 2
Olan Soule
as Revenue Man
Luther Adler
as Arthur Castle
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