The Trouble with Templeton


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The past and present collide with poignant results in this handsomely mounted Twilight Zone episode. Brian Aherne stars as aging Broadway matinee idol Booth Templeton, who is unable to give his full attention to his latest play because of his obsession with the past in general and his late wife Laura (Pippa Scott) in particular. Miraculously, Templeton is transported back to the 1920s for a reunion with his beloved Laura, which proves to be an eye-opener in more ways than one. Future film director Sydney Pollack is cast here as an abrasive stage director named Willis, a character whom scriptwriter E. Jack Neuman and director Buzz Kulik patterned after pioneer live-TV producer Fred Coe. "The Trouble with Templeton" was first telecast on December 9, 1960.


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