The Midnight Sun


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For reasons beyond comprehension, the Earth has changed its orbit and is moving inexorably toward the sun, sending temperatures soaring into the triple digits. Though most of New York City has been deserted, art student Norma (Lois Nettelton) and her landlady Mrs. Bronson (Betty Garde) elect to stay behind, braving the intense, blistering heat until the bitter end. And don't be misled by that "is it all a bad dream?" finale. Written by Rod Serling, "The Midnight Sun" made its Twilight Zone debut on November 17, 1961 (imagine the audience reaction had the episode been telecast in August).


Betty Garde
as Mrs. Bronson
Ned Glass
as Repairman
Jason Wingreen
as Neighbor
Juney Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
June C. Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
Tom Reese
as Intruder
John McLiam
as Policeman
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