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War of the Worlds

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Radioactive waste reawakens aliens, in hibernation since a failed invasion of Earth in 1953.

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Assembled at a government-owned estate, the team discovers the aliens' plan to retrieve stored spaceships.

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Ironhorse thinks the aliens are defeated, but Harrison and Suzanne find contrary evidence in bizarre events.

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Harrison's adopted mother (Ann Robinson) envisions the aliens; the invaders usurp hockey players' bodies and awaken comrades.

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A reporter (Michelle Scarabelli), researching radioactive-waste disposal, stumbles on an alien plot.

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As Grover's Mill, N.J., celebrates the 50th anniversary of Orson Welles' radio broadcast, aliens bike in to complete a mission.

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The team races the aliens to retrieve secret records of the 1953 invasion from an underground Army vault.

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College students' space-fantasy game turns real when one falls prey to aliens seeking a research virus.

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The aliens must steal human brains to cure one of their leaders of chicken pox.

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Aliens plan to feed the world poisoned loads of a new grain developed by a rich industrialist (Alex Cord).

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  • Dec 18, 2018
    This series follows on from the George Pal 1953 movie of WOTW. Set in (then) contemporary America it finds a small group of aliens resurrected by radiation, and then go on to find more of their kind as well as their war machines. On the human side we have the Blackwood project, a group consisting of two scientists, a computer genius and an army colonel who have to battle the aliens and their own governments dark projects. The pilot, "the resurrection", stands out as a good episode which culminates a pretty good sequence at the end of the aliens retrieving their ships and the Blackwood team trying to stop them. Gore is really the stand out feature in this series, with aliens frequently mutilating people before killing them, the episode 'onto us a child is born' and 'dust to dust' are good examples of this. The quality in this season is really up and down, the great effects in the pilot are never really seen again, with some of the effects being laughably bad, particularly in the season finale 'the angel of death'. The story quality varies from good to appallingly bad, so too does the incidental music which can give memorable electric guitar/drum tracks to naff elevator type keyboard music. If you're a fan of alien invasion series I can recommend this, despite some of the low production values and naff stories, there are some great episodes and concepts in season 1. Some of the good episodes are the resurrection, dust to dust, the second seal, walls of jericho, thy kingdom come, the raising of lazarus and the prodigal son. But despite some of the cheesy effects/music and bad stories, this series has a real charm with likable characters and 80's cheese aplenty.

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