Dorothy Christy

Highest Rated: 100% Laura (1944)
Lowest Rated: 80% Bright Eyes (1934)
Birthday: May 26, 1906
Birthplace: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
Blonde American actress Dorothy Christy thrived in the early 1930s as an excellent second lead and comedy foil. Christy seemed most at home in slapstick comedies: she played the older sister who must be married off to clear the way for her younger sister's happiness in Buster Keaton's Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931) and rifle-wielding Mrs. Betty Laurel ("I've never missed yet!") in Laurel & Hardy's Sons of the Desert (1933). She was also quite adept at conveying icy truculence, notably as the gossiping socialite in Devil and the Deep (1932) and as bratty Jane Withers' avaricious mother in the 1934 Shirley Temple musical Bright Eyes. Perhaps her most offbeat role was Queen Tika, ruler of the underground city of Murania, in the camp-classic serial Phantom Empire (1935). Throughout the 1940s, she continued playing supporting roles in the 2-reelers of such comics as Leon Errol and Edgar Kennedy, and bits in features, most often in those productions helmed by her Sons of the Desert director William A. Seiter (Little Giant, Lover Come Back etc.) At various junctures in her film career, Dorothy Christy billed herself as Dorothy Christie.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Men with Steel Faces Actor 2011
No Score Yet So Big Widow Paarlenberg 1953
83% The Fountainhead Society Woman 1949
No Score Yet Dream Girl Mollie Hand 1948
No Score Yet Homecoming Guest 1948
No Score Yet Silver River Woman 1948
83% The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Store Official 1947
No Score Yet The Unfaithful Mrs. Freedley 1947
No Score Yet Smash Up: The Story of a Woman Woman 1947
No Score Yet Undercurrent Woman 1946
No Score Yet The Magnificent Rogue Actor 1946
No Score Yet Little Giant Wife 1946
No Score Yet Dakota Nora 1945
No Score Yet George White's Scandals (George White's Scandals of 1945) Lady Asbury 1945
No Score Yet Weekend at the Waldorf Cashier 1945
No Score Yet Fashion Model Mme. Celeste 1945
100% Laura People 1944
No Score Yet Cowboy and the Senorita Lulubelle 1944
No Score Yet The Falcon and the Co-eds Maya Harris 1943
No Score Yet Sierra Sue Verebel 1941
No Score Yet They Shall Have Music Young Woman 1939
No Score Yet East Side of Heaven Mrs. Henry Smith 1939
No Score Yet Rough Riders' Round-up Rusty's Dancing Partner 1939
No Score Yet Marie Antoinette Lady-in-Waiting to DuBarry 1938
No Score Yet Woman Against Woman Mrs. Morton 1938
No Score Yet Sweethearts Woman in Lobby 1938
No Score Yet Love Is News Girl 1937
No Score Yet The Daring Young Man Helen Kay 1935
No Score Yet The Phantom Empire Queen Tika 1935
80% Bright Eyes Anita Smythe 1934
No Score Yet Servants' Entrance Actor 1934
No Score Yet Kiss and Make-Up Greta 1934
No Score Yet 6 Day Bike Rider Actor 1934
No Score Yet Only Yesterday Rena 1933
100% Sons of the Desert Mrs. Laurel 1933
No Score Yet Lawyer Man Chorus Girl 1933
No Score Yet The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood Mrs. Chadwick 1932
No Score Yet Shop Angel Actor 1932
No Score Yet The Devil and the Deep Mrs. Crimp 1932
No Score Yet Big Business Girl Mrs. Emery 1931
No Score Yet Parlor, Bedroom and Bath Angelica Embrey 1931
No Score Yet Convicted Constance Forbes 1931
No Score Yet Grief Street Mrs. Alvin Merle aka Ethel Wynn 1931
No Score Yet Night Life in Reno Gwen Maynard 1931
No Score Yet So This Is London Lady Amy Ducksworth 1930
No Score Yet That's My Wife Actor 1929


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