Marius Goring

Marius Goring

Highest Rated: 100% The Barefoot Contessa (1954)

Lowest Rated: 33% The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)

Birthday: May 23, 1912

Birthplace: Newport, Isle of Wight, England, UK

Probably best known for stealing Moira Shearer's heart in the Technicolor dance fable "The Red Shoes" (1948), Marius Goring had a long career on stage and television as well as in film. He began acting in 1925, appearing in a Cambridge production of "Crossings." Four years later he had his first of many Shakespearean roles, playing a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and the flame-haired actor went on to grace London stages with starring roles in "Hamlet," "Macbeth," "Measure for Measure," "Romeo and Juliet" and "Richard III," to name but a few. Goring's mastery of French offered him opportunities to tour in foreign language productions of plays such as John Millington Synge's "Riders to the Sea" as part of the Compagnie des Quinze. He brought other skills to the theater, directing British stage productions of "A Doll's House" (1939), "The Tempest" (1940) and "The Bells" (1968). His first film role was an uncredited bit in the biopic "Rembrandt" (1936), starring Charles Laughton. In spite of his British background, and perhaps because of his international schooling and knowledge of languages and dialects, much of Goring's film work had him cast as German soldiers of various ranks in World War II movies. Generally forgettable fare, the actor nonetheless turned in decent performances in films like "U-Boat 29" (1939), "Night Ambush/Ill Met By Moonlight" (1957, a lesser Powell-Pressburger effort), "The Angry Hills" (1959) and "Up From the Beach" (1965). Best when he portrayed a slightly larger than life character, his breakthrough performances in classic films like "Stairway to Heaven/A Matter of Life and Death" (1946, as David Niven's heavenly guide), "The Red Shoes" and "The Barefoot Contessa" (1954) proved that despite frequent typecasting, his talent was significant and diverse. Goring reached a large audience on British television's "The Scarlet Pimpernel" playing the title role, a character which he earlier portrayed on BBC radio (1949). The adventure program aired from 1955 to 1956 and made Goring a familiar face not only in English homes, but American ones as well, where it aired in syndication in 1956. He did further series work in "The Expert" (1968-69; 1971; 1976) a popular crime drama chronicling Dr. John Hardy, a forensic scientist. Goring played the brilliant and eccentric Hardy for the run of the series, the first BBC-2 program broadcast in color.

Highest rated movies

The Barefoot Contessa
The Spy in Black
The Red Shoes
Stairway to Heaven
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
The Girl on a Motorcycle




No Score Yet 60% Strike It Rich Blixon (Character) $177.9K 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Late Nancy Irving Angus Aragon (Character) - 1984
No Score Yet No Score Yet Charlie Boy Heinz Hoffman (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet 46% Zeppelin Prof. Altschul (Character) - 1971
No Score Yet 67% First Love Dr. Lushin (Character) - 1970
33% 50% The Girl on a Motorcycle Rebecca's Father (Character) - 1968
No Score Yet No Score Yet Subterfuge Shevik (Character) - 1968
No Score Yet 94% The 25th Hour Col. Muller (Character) - 1967
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Crooked Road Harlequin (Character) - 1964
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Devil's Daffodil Oliver Milburgh (Character) - 1962
No Score Yet No Score Yet Beyond the Curtain Hans Körtner (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Unstoppable Man Inspector Hazelrigg (Character) - 1960
65% 69% Exodus Von Storch (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet 12% Son of Robin Hood Chester (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet 29% The Angry Hills Col. Elrick Oberg (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet Desert Mice German Major (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet 55% I Was Monty's Double Karl Nielson (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet Whirlpool Georg (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Treasure of San Teresa Rudi Siebert (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet 46% Night Ambush Major General Kreipe (Character) - 1958
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rx Murder Unknown (Character) - 1958
No Score Yet 43% The Moonraker Colonel Beaumont (Character) - 1958
No Score Yet No Score Yet Break in the Circle Baron Keller (Character) - 1957
No Score Yet 38% Quentin Durward Count Philip De Creville (Character) - 1955
100% 71% The Barefoot Contessa Alberto Bravano (Character) - 1954
No Score Yet No Score Yet Shoot First Hiart (Character) - 1953
No Score Yet 0% The Paris Express Lucas (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet No Score Yet So Little Time Oberst/Colonel Hohensee (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet 22% Highly Dangerous Commandant Anton Razinski (Character) - 1951
No Score Yet No Score Yet Circle of Danger Sholto Lewis (Character) - 1951
67% 76% Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Reggie Demarest (Character) - 1951
No Score Yet 50% Odette Colonel Henri (Character) - 1950
97% 92% The Red Shoes Julian Craster (Character),
- 1948
No Score Yet No Score Yet Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill Vincent Perrin (Character) - 1948
No Score Yet No Score Yet Take My Life Sidney Fleming (Character) - 1947
97% 93% Stairway to Heaven Conductor 71 (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet 0% Frightened Lady Lord Lebanon (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet No Score Yet Pastor Hall Fritz Gerte (Character) - 1940
100% 71% The Spy in Black Schuster (Character) - 1939
71% 75% Rembrandt Baron Leivens (Character) - 1936


No Score Yet No Score Yet Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks Theodore Maxtible (Voice) 2021
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hammer House of Horror Unknown (Character) 1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tales of the Unexpected Dr John Landy (Character) 1979
No Score Yet No Score Yet Man in a Suitcase Unknown (Guest Star) 1968
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rheingold Theatre Nicol Pascal (Character) 1954