William Demarest

William Demarest

Highest Rated: 100% Jolson Sings Again (1949)

Lowest Rated: 20% Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976)

Birthday: Feb 27, 1892

Birthplace: Not Available

Famed for his ratchety voice and cold-fish stare, William Demarest was an "old pro" even when he was a young pro. He began his stage career at age 13, holding down a variety of colorful jobs (including professional boxer) during the off-season. After years in carnivals and as a vaudeville headliner, Demarest starred in such Broadway long-runners as Earl Carroll's Sketch Book. He was signed with Warner Bros. pictures in 1926, where he was briefly paired with Clyde Cook as a "Mutt and Jeff"-style comedy team. Demarest's late-silent and early-talkie roles varied in size, becoming more consistently substantial in the late 1930s. His specialty during this period was a bone-crushing pratfall, a physical feat he was able to perform into his 60s. While at Paramount in the 1940s, Demarest was a special favorite of writer/director Preston Sturges, who cast Demarest in virtually all his films: The Great McGinty (1940); Christmas in July (1940); The Lady Eve (1941); Sullivan's Travels (1942); The Palm Beach Story (1942); Hail the Conquering Hero (1944); Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944), wherein Demarest was at his bombastic best as Officer Kockenlocker; and The Great Moment (1944). For his role as Al Jolson's fictional mentor Steve Martin in The Jolson Story (1946), Demarest was Oscar-nominated (the actor had, incidentally, appeared with Jolie in 1927's The Jazz Singer). Demarest continued appearing in films until 1975, whenever his increasingly heavy TV schedule would allow. Many Demarest fans assumed that his role as Uncle Charlie in My Three Sons (66-72) was his first regular TV work: in truth, Demarest had previously starred in the short-lived 1960 sitcom Love and Marriage.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Salty O'Rourke Actor 2011
No Score Yet When Willie Comes Marching Home Actor 2002
20% Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood Studio Gatekeeper 1976
No Score Yet The McCullochs Father Gurkin 1975
67% Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Harris 1973
94% That Darn Cat! MacDougall 1965
85% Viva Las Vegas Mr. Martin 1964
69% It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Chief of Police 1963
86% Son of Flubber Mr. Hummel 1963
No Score Yet Gunfight in Black Horse Canyon Actor 1961
No Score Yet King of the Roaring Twenties Hecht 1961
No Score Yet Twenty Plus Two Slocum 1961
No Score Yet Pepe Studio Gateman 1960
No Score Yet The Rawhide Years Brand Comfort 1956
No Score Yet The Mountain Father Belacchi 1956
No Score Yet Lucy Gallant Charles Madden 1955
No Score Yet The Private War of Major Benson John 1955
No Score Yet The Far Horizons Sgt. Gass 1955
No Score Yet Jupiter's Darling Mago 1955
No Score Yet Sincerely Yours Sam Dunne 1955
No Score Yet Hell on Frisco Bay Dan Bianco 1955
No Score Yet The Yellow Mountain Jackpot Wray 1954
No Score Yet Escape From Fort Bravo Campbell 1953
No Score Yet Here Come the Girls (Champagne for Everybody) Dennis Logan 1953
No Score Yet Dangerous When Wet Pa Higgins 1953
57% What Price Glory? Cpl. Kiper 1952
No Score Yet Behave Yourself Officer O'Ryan 1951
No Score Yet The Strip Fluff 1951
No Score Yet Excuse My Dust (Mr. Belden's Amazing Gasmobile) Harvey Bullitt 1951
No Score Yet The First Legion Monsignor Michael Carey 1951
No Score Yet Never a Dull Moment Mears 1950
No Score Yet Riding High Happy McGuire 1950
100% Jolson Sings Again Steve Martin 1949
No Score Yet Sorrowful Jones Regret 1949
83% Whispering Smith Bill Dansing 1948
No Score Yet Night Has a Thousand Eyes Lt. Shawn 1948
No Score Yet The Sainted Sisters Vern Tewilliger 1948
No Score Yet On Our Merry Way Floyd 1948
No Score Yet Variety Girl Barker 1947
No Score Yet The Perils of Pauline Mac 1947
No Score Yet The Jolson Story Steve Martin 1946
No Score Yet Our Hearts Were Growing Up Peanuts Schultz 1946
No Score Yet Pardon My Past Chuck Gibson 1945
No Score Yet Along Came Jones George Fury 1945
95% Hail the Conquering Hero Sergeant 1944
No Score Yet Once upon a Time Brandt 1944
88% The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Constable Edmund Kockenlocker 1944
No Score Yet Dangerous Blondes Detective Gatling 1943
No Score Yet Stage Door Canteen Stage Door Canteen Star 1943
97% The Palm Beach Story Members of Ale and Quail Club 1942
No Score Yet Pardon My Sarong Detective Kendall 1942
100% All Through the Night Sunshine 1941
100% Sullivan's Travels Mr. Jones 1941
No Score Yet Dressed to Kill Inspector Pierson 1941
100% The Devil and Miss Jones 1st Detective 1941
100% The Lady Eve Muggsy 1941
No Score Yet Little Men Constable 1940
95% Christmas in July Mr. Bildocker 1940
100% The Great McGinty The Politician 1940
95% Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Carl Cook 1939
No Score Yet The Gracie Allen Murder Case Sgt. Heath 1939
No Score Yet The Great Man Votes Charles Dale 1939
No Score Yet King of the Turf Arnold 1939
No Score Yet Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus Daro 1938
No Score Yet Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Henry Kipper 1938
No Score Yet Romance on the Run Eckhart 1938
100% Easy Living Wallace Whistling 1937
No Score Yet Charlie Chan at the Olympics Sgt. Kelly 1937
No Score Yet Oh, Doctor! Marty Short 1937
No Score Yet Don't Tell the Wife Larry Tucker 1937
No Score Yet Rosalie Army's Coach 1937
No Score Yet Wake Up and Live Attendant 1937
80% Love on the Run Lees Berger 1936
No Score Yet Wedding Present `Smiles' Benson 1936
60% Charlie Chan at the Opera Sgt. Kelly 1936
66% The Great Ziegfeld Gene Buck 1936
No Score Yet Hands Across the Table Matty 1935
No Score Yet Bright Lights Detective 1935
No Score Yet The Murder Man Rod McGuire 1935
No Score Yet The Casino Murder Case Auctioneer 1935
No Score Yet After Office Hours Actor 1935
No Score Yet The Circus Clown Actor 1934
No Score Yet Fog Over Frisco Spike Smith 1934
No Score Yet A Girl in Every Port Man in Bombav 1928
74% The Jazz Singer Buster Billings 1927
No Score Yet The First Auto Dave 1927
83% The Great Moment Eben Frost 1921


82% The Twilight Zone
Joe Britt 1964
No Score Yet Bonanza
Tweedy Enos 1964
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Tom Akins 1958


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Melody Jones says: About a hundreded, but only know ninety some.

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Sunshine says: Here lies Sunshine under the sod. That's not odd. He had no rod.

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Sunshine says: Nice cheerful little neighborhood. My friend got his skull crushed down here last week.

Barney says: For what?

Sunshine says: For nuthin'!

Gloves Donahue says: Do you remember anything else from your youth?

Sunshine says: Yeah, but they gave me three years to forget.

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