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C- 25% Unforgettable (2017) The dithering and gaslighting and poor communication make me impatient.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 26, 2017
B- 48% The Promise (2017) There's so much more to explore here, but The Promise is a worthy step in the right direction.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 21, 2017
B+ 91% Raw (2017) The unholy offspring of John Hughes and David Cronenberg, an unforgettably morbid dramedy from a distinct new talent.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2017
C 66% The Fate of the Furious (2017) The orgies of destruction that punctuate the film are effective, but as usual they're overwhelmed by the tiresome details of the characters' personal dramas -- dramas that can be overwritten or ignored in the next sequel, so why bother?‐
Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2017
D+ 45% Going in Style (2017) The only thing it has in common with the 1979 original is that they both won't be playing in theaters a month from now.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 6, 2017
C- 37% Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) Young kids will like the movie well enough, but they'll like it just well when it's free on HBO in a year. Twelve bucks for this weak pablum? Smurf that.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 5, 2017
B 53% The Boss Baby (2017) The humor is easygoing and inoffensive, aimed at kids but sharp enough not to seem mindless to adults. ‐
Read More | Posted Mar 31, 2017
C+ 45% Ghost in the Shell (2017) Loaded with advanced technology, but it's in the service of a disappointingly basic plot with few surprises.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 31, 2017
C 58% The Zookeeper's Wife (2017) One silver lining to the current political situation is that at least in a few years we'll have some new stories to tell about fighting Nazis.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 30, 2017
B- 16% CHIPS (2017) Uneven, veering from scathing humor to patience-trying nonsense and back again, but it winds up just barely on this side of the thin blue line between good and bad.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 28, 2017
C 47% Saban's Power Rangers (2017) The film's uncomplicated plot, undemanding stunt work, unconvincing special effects, and unpolished acting are reminders of its cheesy, simple-minded roots. ‐
Read More | Posted Mar 25, 2017
B 78% T2 Trainspotting (2017) The (relative) wisdom of middle age makes T2 a richer character study, the tragicomic junkies evolving into full-fledged human beings. ‐
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2017
D 49% The Belko Experiment (2017) With no subtext or style to justify it, the film is as cruelly nihilistic as its fictional experimenters are.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 21, 2017
C 71% Beauty and the Beast (2017) It never passes the 'So why am I watching THIS version?' test.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 16, 2017
B 92% Logan (2017) A compelling, overlong, grown-up, 21st-century Western with a tinge of sci-fi. It's good, but it can be grueling.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2017
B 22% Table 19 (2017) Funny but overly quirky... A charming but inconsequential date-night comedy.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2017
B 77% Kong: Skull Island (2017) Creaky dialogue and questionable story are counteracted by visceral, thrilling scenes of zoological mayhem. ‐
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2017
B+ 84% The Girl With All the Gifts (2017) Mixes horror, humor, and humanity with thrilling agility, all centered on a star-making performance by newcomer Sennia Nanua.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2017
B- 22% Collide (2017) Breezily paced, no frills, mildly ludicrous but perfectly watchable, and buoyed by hammy villains.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2017
B 35% The Great Wall (2017) Zhang is all about the spectacle.... He delivers this with gusto, unconcerned with whether the finer points of the narrative make sense.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2017
B 41% A Cure For Wellness (2017) Verbinski squeezes all the mystery he can out of the screenplay, which adorns its elemental story with morbidly colorful details. ‐
Read More | Posted Feb 20, 2017
B- 27% Fist Fight (2017) Bogged down by extraneous characters and gratuitous swearing, but the film's energetic, almost cartoonish mania wins us over in the end.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 20, 2017
B- 72% XX (2017) The good outweighs the bad overall, and there's a great deal of fiendish creativity on display.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
C+ 66% Before I Fall (2017) It's what would happen if Nicholas Sparks rewrote "Groundhog Day" as a teen-angst melodrama. ‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
C 6% Rings (2017) The powers that be ought to have chosen one premise for the sequel, not two, and ought to have considered whether they even needed one.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
B- 17% The Space Between Us (2017) Viewed as a harmless sci-fi-tinged teen drama, it passes the time pleasantly enough.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
D 9% Fifty Shades Darker (2017) James Foley seems committed to preserving the atmosphere of flavorless, plot-free tedium and unsexy smut established by Sam Taylor-Johnson (and, presumably, carried over from E.L. James' novels, though there is no realistic way to know for sure).‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
B- 91% John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Reeves, still fearsomely agile and adroitly deadpan at 52, is a perfect fit for the material: adorned in cleverness, yet ultimately basically very simple. ‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
B 90% The Lego Batman Movie (2017) The handful of belly laughs and consistent cheerfulness are more than enough to compensate for the addled, overstuffed story.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 13, 2017
A- 100% Call Me by Your Name (2017) Drenched in sunlight, the movie is filled with warmth (and hotness), devoid of sappy melodrama but rich with honest emotion that transcends boundaries of sexual orientation.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2017
B 90% I don't feel at home in this world anymore. (2017) An off-kilter, low-key comedy with violent mood swings and endearing goofball performances by Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 25, 2017
B+ 99% Get Out (2017) Biting but good-natured, incisive but not preachy, this is the kind of self-reflective comedy that can bring America together.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 25, 2017
B+ 75% Split (2017) Shyamalan's distinct style - stiff, formal, sometimes ludicrous and operatic, pockmarked with comedy - is back in full bloom.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 20, 2017
C- 80% Patriots Day (2017) Nakedly manipulative ... Mixing fact with fiction for the purposes of emotional blackmail ... Off-putting, bordering on sleazy.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2017
B 85% Silence (2017) For someone who enjoys pondering such things, it's an effective provocation to further thought.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 10, 2017
B+ 93% Hidden Figures (2017) The film's light, breezy entertainment value hides a deeper poignance, making it a nice complement to the heavier films that take the opposite approach.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 9, 2017
C 18% Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) It's still a mediocre rehearsal of genre conventions, and somewhat pointless ... but at least it's coherent?‐
Read More | Posted Jan 7, 2017
B+ 93% Fences (2016) Wilson would be pleased with Washington's smooth, hot-blooded handling of it, unapologetically putting all those fiery emotions out there for the whole world to see.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 3, 2017
A 98% Moonlight (2016) There are several movies' worth of themes to consider in this single, deeply felt drama of elegant, heartbreaking simplicity.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 27, 2016
C- 31% Passengers (2016) A waste of a rich premise, excellent special effects, and a charismatic cast. ‐
Read More | Posted Dec 26, 2016
B- 40% Why Him? (2016) The laughs are scattershot, but the tone is good-natured, and the humor isn't cruel.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 22, 2016
D 17% Assassin's Creed (2016) Extraneous elements like 'story' and 'character' are abandoned so we can focus on what's important: scene after scene of self-serious cyphers fighting over something we don't care about. ‐
Read More | Posted Dec 22, 2016
A- 93% La La Land (2016) To make an earnest, gleeful song-and-dance musical in 2016 with no political subtext or social commentary, not as a parody or deconstruction but simply as an old-fashioned ode to dreaming, is revolutionary.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 22, 2016
B+ 96% Manchester by the Sea (2016) This sensitive and surprisingly funny drama is full of well-drawn characters.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 20, 2016
B+ 86% Lion (2016) An inspiring drama that earns tears without jerking them.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 20, 2016
D 12% Collateral Beauty (2016) Soggy garbage intended to make you cry, but it's so clumsy in its manipulations that you almost feel sorry for it.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 15, 2016
B- 85% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Certainly there is pleasure in revisiting a favorite place you've been many times before. But it's not an 'event' film. For the first time, it really does just feel like an episode.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 15, 2016
C+ 41% Office Christmas Party (2016) I bet each of the six credited writers thought one of the other five was responsible for the title.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 8, 2016
A- 89% Jackie (2016) Portman's portrayal of Jackie is almost startlingly immersive, and the film is an invaluable glimpse into the mind and heart of a tragic figure.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 6, 2016
C 55% Rules Don't Apply (2016) Though rife with glossy Hollywood charm, the film is strangely disjointed and unfocused.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 28, 2016