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94% Neruda (2016) Sweeping, poignant, bizarre, funny and unique.‐ Newsweek
Read More | Posted Apr 20, 2017
2/5 73% The Sense Of An Ending (2017) The Sense Of An Ending would be watchable as a Sunday evening TV drama, but there's nothing cinematic about this slight, anti-climactic story of a retired Londoner who is shaken by the death of someone he knew as a teenager.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2017
5/5 95% The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) (2016) The Handmaiden is stylish, funny and daring enough to keep you gripped to the end.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2017
3/5 66% The Fate of the Furious (2017) The action set pieces are several miles over the top... But what makes these sequences work is the bickering banter between Johnson, Statham, Chris Bridges, Tyrese Gibson and the rest of the mismatched cast.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2017
4/5 45% Ghost in the Shell (2017) The new Ghost in the Shell is a lot more coherent than the old one. Both a nightmarish body horror-movie and a hard-boiled conspiracy thriller, it slots in plenty of images and scenes from the anime, while forging a narrative of its own‐
Read More | Posted Mar 30, 2017
2/5 71% Beauty and the Beast (2017) Beauty and the Beast is simply a cover version of a chart-topping song, played with such anonymous competence that Condon's motto must have been, "It ain't broke, don't fix it." Another motto might have been better: "If it ain't broke, don't remake it."‐
Read More | Posted Mar 3, 2017
2/5 9% Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Dopey romantic fantasy is only a few semi-nude scenes away from being a daytime-TV movie.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 9, 2017
3/5 42% Gold (2017) McConaughey gives his considerable all as a wild-eyed desperado, but the rest of Gold can't reach his manic energy levels.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2017
5/5 92% Toni Erdmann (2016) Worth almost three hours of anyone's time.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2017
4/5 89% Loving (2016) Loving glows with the kind of decency and humanity that we badly need to be reminded of at the moment.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2017
3/5 78% T2 Trainspotting (2017) If it's difficult to watch T2 without remembering how much better Trainspotting was, the film's saving grace is its own willingness to comment on this decline.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 23, 2017
1/5 17% Assassin's Creed (2016) There's a treat in store for anyone who takes a perverse pleasure in seeing truly terrible films, because Hollywood's latest video-game adaptation, Assassin's Creed, is a Christmas turkey with all the trimmings.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2016
4/5 73% Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) Almost every scene has something ingenious and beautifully designed for you to gasp at, and the supernatural hijinks are all underpinned by Rowling's sincere pro-tolerance message. But it's all at the expense of the supposed protagonists.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 17, 2016
3/5 84% Deepwater Horizon (2016) An effective disaster movie ...‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Nov 9, 2016
3/5 47% Free State of Jones (2016) By covering so many events in one go, Ross's episodic and exhausting history lesson wastes the remarkable story of Knight's wartime escapades.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Nov 9, 2016
2/5 64% Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016) The plotting of his new film is so convoluted that cinema-goers will need flow charts to stop them being utterly baffled.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Nov 9, 2016
90% Doctor Strange (2016) Despite focusing on one of the company's less famous and more bizarre characters, it is all too familiar for a film with 'Strange' in the title. Still, none of that stops it being thoroughly enjoyable.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 28, 2016
2/5 44% The Girl on the Train (2016) What's frustrating is that if you stare at The Girl on the Train hard enough, you can just about make out what the writer and director were trying to do.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 7, 2016
3/5 87% Hacksaw Ridge (2016) As clichéd as it is, Hacksaw Ridge passes muster because it is so uncynical about the man it memorialises. Gibson's reverence, for soldiers and for hardline Christians alike, is disarming.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 9, 2016
5/5 93% La La Land (2016) Most cinema-goers are already madly in love with at least one of them, and that love will hit stratospheric new heights when they see how skilfully Gosling and Stone balance their absurd attractiveness with goofy self-deprecation in La La Land.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 2, 2016
3/5 75% Lights Out (2016) Lights Out has the best horror gimmick since Paranormal Activity.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2016
4/5 70% Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods (Astérix: Le domaine des dieux) (2014) Forget Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool. This is the comic-book adaptation of the year.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2016
3/5 61% David Brent: Life on the Road (2017) It feels like a Christmas TV special that could have been broadcast 10 years ago. But as Christmas TV specials go, it's a very funny one.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2016
3/5 56% Jason Bourne (2016) It's just like old times. Once again, Bourne hurtles from one grey and gritty European metropolis to another at breathtaking speed... And once again, Greengrass stages the action with bone-jarring immediacy.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 19, 2016
3/5 66% Nerve (2016) You go along with the charismatic cast and atmospheric shots until, ultimately, it gets on your nerves.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Aug 14, 2016
4/5 87% Pete's Dragon (2016) It's possibly a little too gentle and a few jokes might have made it even better but, these days, Hollywood films as quietly humane as this one are almost as rare as dragons.‐ Daily Express (UK)
Read More | Posted Aug 14, 2016
1/5 59% Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) Thanks to Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Zoolander 2 is no longer 2016's most disappointing fashion-industry comedy comeback.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 21, 2016
3/5 73% Ghostbusters (2016) It is daringly progressive, and it is a landmark in mainstream entertainment. It's just a shame that it isn't a bit funnier.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 15, 2016
1/5 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) In this senseless and uninvolving new sequel, the series' former wit, resonance and internal logic seem to have been lost in all the swirling clouds of computer-generated dust. ‐
Read More | Posted May 25, 2016
4/5 89% Loving (2016) If Loving can be accused of being too muted, its central performances speak volumes.‐
Read More | Posted May 19, 2016
3/5 79% American Honey (2016) American Honey is an exhilaratingly unconventional, unjudgemental ride.‐
Read More | Posted May 19, 2016
3/5 70% Café Society (2016) While it never fails to look gorgeous, it doesn't stop drifting long enough to show us anyone or anything in detail.‐
Read More | Posted May 12, 2016
3/5 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) It's this levity that makes the much-touted battle royale between Team Cap and Team Iron Man so much fun.‐
Read More | Posted May 12, 2016
2/5 95% The Jungle Book (2016) There were times during The Jungle Book when I was rooting for the tiger.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2016
4/5 28% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) In Ben Affleck's Batman, here at last is the sadistic, fascistic, half-crazed vigilante that comics fans have been waiting for.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2016
4/5 91% Zero Days (2016) It is still chilling to hear that computer viruses can now cause "real-world physical damage" on a scale that experts would have laughed off as 'Hollywood-esque' just a decade ago.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2016
4/5 51% Genius (2016) It coasts to a standstill when they part company in the final act. Still, that only underlines the film's point. Neither of the men is a genius without the other man there beside him.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2016
3/5 83% Midnight Special (2016) The film's nocturnal eeriness is compelling enough to pull you past several plot holes, and the sudden demonstrations of Alton's powers are spine-tingling, in spite of the substandard CGI.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2016
4/5 86% Hail, Caesar! (2016) Hail, Caesar! is that rare beast: a feel-good Coen brothers film. It feels very good indeed.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2016
4/5 81% The Revenant (2015) As it is, you're bound to be impressed by what the actors went through, but you won't be so bothered about the characters they play.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2016
4/5 92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) When The Force Awakens gets going, you couldn't ask for a more propulsive, joyous or witty Star Wars film‐
Read More | Posted Dec 16, 2015
4/5 98% Inside Out (2015) In the first half of the film, I was being piloted by Confusion and Dissatisfaction. But by the end, Joy was very much in charge.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 8, 2015
79% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) The pity is that Lucas and his team couldn't have just manufactured the toys and the "Making Of" coffee table books and given the films a miss.‐ Independent (UK)
Read More | Posted Nov 16, 2015
58% Die Another Day (2002) In a year when Austin Powers has scoffed at 007 as a joke and xXx has scoffed at him as an anachronism, Die Another Day is a fluffed opportunity to assert that nobody does it better.‐ Independent (UK)
Read More | Posted Nov 2, 2015
4/5 64% Spectre (2015) From its vodka martinis to its exploding buildings, the whole film is like a YouTube mash-up of sequences drawn from earlier entries in the series: it's Déjà Vu to a Kill.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 22, 2015
3/5 69% The Danish Girl (2015) The Danish Girl ends by sandblasting away every last trace of ambiguity. [Redmayne's character] deserves to have been portrayed as an actual person rather than a shiny monument to a cause.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 7, 2015
3/5 74% Black Mass (2015) It's a handsome post-Scorsese gangster biopic with flavourful supporting performances and a strong sense of place, but it never takes off with the velocity of the film it most resembles, American Hustle.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 4, 2015
2/5 73% Everest (2015) As appalling as the events it depicts may have been, the plodding narrative and weak characterisation mean that, as a piece of cinema, it never gets beyond the foothills.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 3, 2015
3/5 67% The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) It's certainly brave of Cavill to opt for such an obnoxious characterisation but [how can we] be tense about a potential World War Three when he's more concerned about spilling focaccia crumbs on his tailored three-piece suit?‐
Read More | Posted Aug 12, 2015
80% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) As formulaic as it is, it's one of the more joyful examples of the genre, largely because it's a period piece.‐ Independent on Sunday
Read More | Posted Jul 14, 2015