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October 3, 2017
Not very funny. In fact I didn't really laugh much. Or at all.
½ October 1, 2017
It has its moments, but could've been better.
September 25, 2017
It's alright. I don't class it as a bad film. It is an easy watch
March 20, 2017

Man, this film really is by the numbers - predictable, clichĂ (C)d, hackneyed, stereotypical, and above all contrived, in both story and characters. But oddly enough I still enjoy it. Just enough. The cast and fairly clever script and moments breathe enough life and enjoyment into this loser/underdog story.

But the worst offense commited here must surely be the utterly contrived and unbelievable transformation of one of the key characters, played by Hank Azaria. Throughout almost the entire film he plays the perfect guy and catch - polite, courteous, well mannered, handsome, physically fit, successful, and wealthy. Clearly, there was absolutely no way that the audience could believe that a lovable loser (played by Simon Pegg), could possibly win back his ex-fiancĂ (C)/mother of his child (whom 6 years earlier he jilted at the alter whilst pregnant) by simply running/competing in a charity marathon. After all, Mister Perfect-Catch (who at this point is engaged to the woman Pegg is attempting to win back), is also running in the same charity marathon as Pegg, and is far more likely to finish it, because unlike Pegg, he is physically fit and runs in these marathons all the time. So even if Pegg does finish the marathon - which is in serious doubt due to his less than active lifestyle, and indicated by the private bets that are mostly going against him - then he's still got nothing over Mister Perfect-Catch who is almost certainly going to finish the race with relative ease. So how do the filmmakers get around this problem? By throwing in the old deus ex machina trick of turning Mister Perfect into Mister Imperfect, thus making Our Lovable Loser the more eligible option to our much coveted Lady.

This is achieved in the final act by showing Mister Perfect (come-Mister-Imperfect), first verbally taunting/putting down Our Lovable Loser at the beginning of the marathon. But this is only to sow the seeds of dislike in the audience's eyes, but not Our Coveted Ladies, since she isn't there to witness these unpleasant remarks. Then we have the pierce de resistance act of Mister Perfect wilfully tripping up Our Lovable Loser, injuring them both. Then having Mister Perfect quit the race, taken to hospital, only to be found to have no real injury whatsoever besides an epidermal graze, screaming "wimp" to Our Coveted Lady. Then having him tell Our Coveted Lady that Our Lovable Loser tripped him, only to be subsequently found out to be lying by (convenient) recorded news footage clearly showing Mister Perfect tripping up Our Lovable Loser, not the other way around. And to top it all off, we have Mister Perfect blowing his top and admonishing (with an expletive insult) Our Coveted Ladies/Our Lovable Loser's young boy, in response to him mucking around with the hospital bed incliner/recliner control, and Our Coveted Lady (curiously) not having enough respect for her fiancĂ (C)â< to tell the boy to stop with this annoying behaviour. Thus Mister Perfect swiftly completes (within the space of about 20 minutes) his transformation into Mister Imperfect, paving the way for Our Lovable Loser to win his Ex back.

Meanwhile, Our Lovable Loser doggedly continues the marathon, slowly but surely, until he eventually completes the remaining 11 miles (or something like that) on a broken ankle, no less. Having observed this 'never say die' attitude via the live news broadcast on the TV (because this sort of thing tends to be covered as 'Breaking News' in real life), and in light of the newly revealed Mister Imperfect's recent behaviour, Our Coveted Lady divorces her engagement with him, leaves him in the hotel room, and rushes off with her young boy to meet Our Lovable Loser at the finish line and spur him on for the last 70 feet. And everyone (except Mister Imperfect and the people who bet against Our Lovable Loser) live happily ever after. The end.

Now, I can accept and readily believe that people aren't always what they seem. And that people can "show their true colours", as Mister Not-So-Perfect-As-He-First-Appeared, did. Although this only traditionally happens under certain circumstances, like when someone has something to gain by changing tack all of a sudden. But in the case of this film, Mister Perfect had absolutely nothing to gain, and in fact everything to lose, by his actions in the third act of this story, making it in my experience probably the most blatantly contrived plot ending to a story I've ever witnessed in movie making history. But despite all this nonsense, it's an fairly fun amd funny ride all the same. 3/5*
March 20, 2017
It was certainly an amusing film and Pegg is one of the best comic actors around, but this is definitely not one of his better projects. I didn't understand how Pegg's character could leave the pregnant Thandie Newton in the first place when the film jumps forward five years for us to find him a yes - incompetent father - but a caring father none the less. The whole film is very predictable, so much so that you can't help but feel that many of the gags and set-pieces have been used before. Certainly the idea of the dashing rich guy winning the lady over the grubby lazy waster isn't new at all. There is also a lack of decent dialogue for Pegg when compared to past work (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced). A friend of mine once said of Spider-Man 2 that he tired of the countless close-ups of Tobey Maguire's forlorn facial expressions, I would put the same point forward of this film - there are so many slow motion close-ups of Pegg's face that it starts to get rather tiresome and repetitive. What also makes this film repetitive is the amount of times this film uses short bursts of energetic music tracks in order to signal the beginning of a new scene - most were inappropriate as not alot really seemed to happen throughout the first half of the film.
The film however was funny and enjoyable to watch. Despite good yet rather pedestrian performances from Newton and Azaria, the film is completely driven by Pegg and Dylan Moran - who has not really had a chance to shine since Black Books.
March 10, 2017
A surprisingly good movie - what could have ended up very bad indeed was saved by Pegg's heavy rewrite and a top notch cast that looked like they enjoyed every minute they spent making it. Incredibly predictable, in an unpredictable way - who would've thought a spatula could save the day!
March 5, 2017
3/5/2017: A pretty decent movie. A nice story and a good cast.
January 21, 2017
loved him in shaun of the dead and hot fuzz, funny dude in this one too!
½ August 1, 2016
I thought this film was awful. It's pretty boring. I have seen Simon Pegg in other films and I like him. But he is pretty bad in this film. Dylan Moran is in this film, again I have seen him in another film and I liked him but he wasn't very good in this. I thought this may have been a good comedy but the plot is really boring. It is just Simon Pegg entering a marathon to prove that he is fit as other people say he is unfit. It isn't anything special and ultimately I didn't like this film and this is one of those comedy's which I don't intend on seeing again. Pretty bad at the end of the day, but I have seen worse, much worse.
Super Reviewer
July 30, 2016
Enjoyed it, Not Simon Peggs best but had some funny moments and has allot of heart, Better than you think.
June 30, 2016
It is the best atypical rom-com out there.
June 27, 2016
Seriously, man ass is always funny.  Where am I going with this you wonder?  Run Fatboy Run has plenty of man ass to go around.  Dennis (Simon Pegg) leaves his pregnant fiance, Libby (Thandie Newton) at the alter.  Five years later he's got a slight tummy and he's a security guard for a woman's clothing shop.  Things are okay until Whit (Hank Azaria) comes into Libby's life and well he's everything Dennis is not, handsome, rich, a strapping lad which you see in all his glory.  I'm sure you know that if you've seen Along Came Polly.  Hank Azaria has an awesome body but I shouldn't get off point here.  So Dennis decides to run the same marathon as Whit to prove to Libby that he can finish something if not his sentences.
Dennis's running "shorts"
How Gordon hangs out at home
"Full English Breakfast with extra breakfast!"
"He has a son!  Did you know he had a son?"
"The only serious relationship I've been in ended in a broken collarbone and a dead meerkat."
"Scrotal zone"
"Hey do you think it would be weird if I took a bath?"
Beware of the blister scene.  Extra gross out.
You might (like I did) cream yourself upon seeing Whit's flat.
I love Simon Pegg and don't get me wrong but I feel the real star of this is Dennis's best friend and Libby's cousin Gordon (Dylan Moran).  You might remember him as "GET FUCKED, FOUR EYES!" aka David (or Davs) from Shaun of the Dead.  He is beyond wacky and funny in this film.
June 8, 2016
Really funny. Great cast. Great plot. such a feel good film. One of the best films i've seen.
June 7, 2016
Very funny quite enjoyable predictable but worth watching
May 22, 2016
I love Simon Pegg but I've got to say that this wasn't his best movie by far, I thought the story was predictable and the only actors I really cared about were Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran. If you're a fan of Pegg I would recommend watching, but its not one I'd go out and buy.
May 15, 2016
I was very much turned off by this movie as it started, showing a guy leaving a beautiful pregnant Thandie Newton at the altar. I thought, there's no way that they're going to be able to make this character likable. And I'm not sure I ever did LIKE him, but I did like the movie. How far Simon Pegg was willing to go to make up for his mistake was hilarious. Hank Azaria was refreshing & great as usual (especially in a hilarious scene in a locker room) and the movie, while it doesn't necessarily dodge cliches, manages to be sweet & harmless.
March 26, 2016
Formulaic, clichéd, and lovely.
March 1, 2016
We're not breaking new ground here. But who cares it's funny and that's the point.
February 13, 2016
Dylan Moran has done it for me. I'm officially going to be obsessing over this film for the next 2 months till it's out. Damnit.
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