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October 14, 2010
Funny, funny, funny. I nice tribute to serve as Bernie Macs last film. Highly enjoyable. My husband and I really got a kick out of this movie. It had some really fun songs, too.
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½ April 13, 2010
both a buddy film and a road film, this comedy has its moments, but all too often it seems to forget how to be witty, so relies on funny looks and MF's by Bernie Mac way too often.

So much of this film seems pasted together and you feel that, in spite of this being Bernie's last film, this was pretty much paint by the numbers, and just about everyone's hearts weren't in it.

Sloppy is a good way to describe the direction - flashbacks of "previous" scenes, that were actually on the cutting room floor parred with a "just keep the camera rolling and something magical will happen" feel, keep this film tethered to the ground, where it could have soared.

There are some nifty period soul tunes by Stanley Clark, and a nice premise, but oddly for "soul men" no soul.

I truly question how a film about a soul singing act, and with such talented musicians involved (the aforementioned Clark as well as Issak Hayes), can be lazy enough to suggest that in 3 different towns a back up band shows up from out of nowhere, instantly knowing all the dudes' material and performing flawlessly. Uh, don't think so Sparky. Using the rehearsing of various backup bands could have been mined for humor as well as giving the film a more authentic feel.

This film reminded me of The Blues Brothers, in the road trip aspect, and many a Lemon/Matheau comedy (Grumpy Old Men, Out To Sea, etc), only not done as well. What a waste of two very talented actors.
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½ March 15, 2009
Good plot/storyline, good duo, music, and a cameo from the late Isaac Hayes. Bad, bad script, empty. Expletives can only carry movie so far. Its weird how this was the last thing both Mac and Hayes worked with, soul is dangerous.
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November 20, 2008
Having seen this movie,I rated it higher on the laughter scale. Not since the great Richard Pryor or to an lesser extent the late great Rudy Ray Moore has their been a comedian like Bernie Mac that can take a vulgarity into a great conversation. Soul Men works on both levels,because for one,it has the ability to take any random series of insults and off the chain vulgar words and quickly shape them into a beautiful sculpture of apoplectic hatred,a rare skill that is fading fast from the film industry. It is riveting funny as hell to just watch people like this argue. The other is this....this movie shines simply because Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac are two of the best cussers in Hollywood and not since the days of Richard Pryor has there ever been anything like it since. However,the performances between Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac are brilliant in every detail. Since this will be the only movie where you'll get to see two of the greatest actors/comedians of their time. Also to mention here is the appearance of another great who is a legend himself in R&B..the late Issac Hayes who passed away in August of this year(along with one of the greatest comedians ever Bernie Mac). R&B soul king John Legend has a role here as well along with Pamela Anderson in a cameo appearance.
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November 12, 2008
bernie mac's swan song is capably assisted by colleague samuel l. jackson in what could be a grandchild of the hope and crosby road movies of yore and kissin' cousin to "the blues brothers". it's a road movie. character driven. and these guys have some fun on the way. you will too. bye senor mister bernie...and thank you.
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½ November 8, 2008
Louis: I got a life style to maintain her.
Floyd: What kind of life style? You got a pantry full of dog food, and you aint got no dog.
Louis: The dog's under the bed and you lucky he aint attack yo ass when you came in!

In the last film role for late comedian Bernie Mac, he gets to trade lines with Samuel L Jackson in a foul and profanity laden comedy about to 60s backup singers going on a road trip, hoping to start a comeback at the funeral of their late former frontman. There are various issues with this movie, but it is has enough good moments between Mac and Jackson that it works.

Rosalee: You ever had a velveteen rub?
Floyd: Aint no cheese involved is their? Cause I'm lactose intolerant.
[takes out her teeth]

As stated, the two take the road for a concert, having not been together in years, with grudes still held because of an affair with the wife of another. The trip is reluctantly agreed upon due to money, and during the trip, they stop in a number of spots for some warm up gigs, as well as finding an estranged daughter, played by Sharon Leal.

There are a number of problems involving pacing and some sub plots, but once again, as stated, Mac and Jackson make a good team, and the fact that this movie is very R-rated, gives it the kind of boost it needs to make it more effective as a buddy comedy.

Philip: They say motherfucker a lot, but I'm okay.
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November 11, 2008
Soul Men was a film that was racked with problems right from the start. Originally the film kept getting pushed back because of a law suit by the R&B group, Sam & David, which claimed it to be a farce on their life story. The group also accused the producers of copyright infringement for using their style and the title of one of their songs, "Soul Man". The law suit was finally settled and the movie was released in 2008. Then, days before the films release, two of it's stars, Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, died on back to back days, a tragedy that created a public relations nightmare. For those reasons, this film wasn't widely distributed or advertised, which is a shame because it was one terrific film. The story starts 30 years after a legendary R&B group, Marcus Hooks & The Real Deal, broke up. We see the remaining members, Samuel L. Jackson in trouble with the law, and Bernie Mac, living in a retirement community, when they learn about the sudden death of Hooks. Record executives, quick to capitalize on his death, organize a tribute show at the Apollo in New York, and invite the Real Deal to participate. This means that two men who hate each other and haven't performed in almost 30 years, need to get their act together in a hurry if they want the big pay day and a chance at a come back. The film is an absolute riot, with Mac as the old lonely man and Jackson as the bitter forgotten convict. Their chemistry was nothing short of amazing and the big surprise was that both men can actually sing and dance! Even though they must have said mother f'er about a thousand times, I found the film to be very clever, funny, and original. If it wasn't for all the problems it had, this movie would have done much better than it did and it is without a doubt, worth watching.
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½ November 9, 2008
Definitely out of tune on this flick...Saw it but was disappointed in the way it turned out. Alot of old school cameos Millie Jackson...Issac Hayes...pretty good but not breathtaking. It's was okay.
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½ November 22, 2008
It was funny, Bu it was sometimes very boirng and a big dissapointment.
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June 5, 2009
Two former back-up singers, Floyd Henderson (Bernie Mac), and Louis Hinds (Samuel L. Jackson) were in a group called The Real Deal during the early seventies. Fast forward to thirty years later, Bernie is watching television and learns that the lead singer Marcus Hooks played by John Legend has died of a heart attack during a concert performance.

Record label owner Danny Epstein(Sean Hayes of "Will and Grace") rings up Bernie. Epstein wants Floyd and Louis to perform at Marcus' tribute at the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Naturally, Floyd leaps at the offer and looks up Louis. Despite old grudges with each other, Floyd and Louis decide to team up anyway.

The movie has some sex scenes, very brief nudity, raunchy humor, lots of F-Bombs and some hilarious Viagra scenes . Leave the kids, the prudes, and the self-righteous at home. If you enjoy the funny slapstick comedic styling of Bernie Mac, and you enjoy performers like Samuel L. Jackson, then you are going to have a great time. Bernie Mac was absolutely electrifying in Soul Men. Samuel L. Jackson and Mac are fun to watch, especially when they don their flashy outfits and perform their choreographed dance numbers. Jennifer Coolidge (Best known as Stifler's Mom in the "American Pie" series) also has a genuinely funny and memorable supporting part with Bernie. Soul Men is a film filled with plenty of soul.
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½ November 11, 2008
The late, great Bernie Mac he is! Mac and Mr. Sam Jackson make a great pair in this R-rated romp that takes on the great musical stylings of the motown and funk eras. It is great to see Issac Hayes here as well and John Legends extended cameo is simply greatness.
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November 9, 2008
This road trip comedy tries to be just as cheaply crude as its leads are charmingly crass. A bit better when the songs take center stage.
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½ February 18, 2008
Decent comedy directed by Malcolm D. Lee ["The Best Man", "Roll Bounce"], about two Old School R&B/Soul Singers who come out of retirement to do a tribute show after their partner dies. Bernie Mac [in his second-to-last movie before his untimely death] and Samuel L. Jackson delivered solid comedic performances, they had great chemistry together. Good performance by Sharon Leal and Affion Crockett [who was basically a parody of Ludacris and other stereotypical rappers]. Good appearances by R&B/Soul star John Legend and the Legendary Isaac Hayes. The music performance scenes were pretty good. As far as the writing goes, it could have been better; at certain points it was pretty unrealistic and the dialogue was kind of weak. Overall it's not that good of a film but the two stars more than make up for it, it's very entertaining and definitely worth a watch.
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½ June 20, 2009
I watched this movie and really enjoyed it!Its just sad that Isaac and Bernie are no longer with us!
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May 1, 2009
Soul Men is about two soul singers (Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson) that find themselves back on the road together after a 25 yr old grudge. The movie isn't totally original or perfect but Jackson and the late Bernie Mac worked so good together that I didn't care. They made the movie fun. While Mac had so much energy that I kept having to remind myself that he's dead. It's still hard to believe.

One scene that got to me is when Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes were leaving a room together and Mac said "after you". Since they died around the same time I found that a little emotional. The end credits where Bernie Mac talks about his career was moving as well and also entertaining.
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February 16, 2009
Bernie Mac's farewell performance is a solid one. While it's not too original, this film delivers plenty of laughs. Jackson and Mac were great together!
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February 22, 2009
When two former backup singers for a hit R&B group decide to get back together for a one night only show at the apollo to remember there lead singer who has passed anything that can go wrong does as they have to learn to get along long enough to make it to the show. What turned out to be Bernie Macs last movie is a top notch funny one that should really be seen by more people the pairing of him and Sam Jackson was a smart one and is great watching these two play off each other.
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½ December 18, 2008
I hate to say it, because I love both of these actors, but the movie wasn't very good. I wanted it to be, and probably liked it better than I should, but it was missing something (including a good director) that I can't quite put my finger on. The one thing that made my allergies flare up, so to speak, was the goodbye to Mac. He had a personality that was unique and genuine. It's worth a rent just to see the end credits.
August 21, 2010
Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson, great on screen duo it they where really funny! Bernie Mac one of my fav comedians of all time. Isaac Hayes legend in music, liked it.
March 14, 2010
it was ok with bernie mac in it...but it weren't all was a little disappointing for me....but rest in peace bernie mac..
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