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March 13, 2017
An excellent film, which is really very tragic and the tragedy of Sandra and her parents, as well as the various players, makes for a very realistic portrayel of a true story and the terrible system of apartheid that is now no more , thank goodness.
½ September 5, 2016
Heartbreaking story of a coloured girl with white parents who grew up in South Africa during the 1950's. It shows the deeply flawed system of apartheid and the pain it caused to this family. Definitely a must-see to all South Africans.
½ August 2, 2016
A shocking but moving story of the terrible times in South Africa.
April 26, 2015
This was a very good film. It is based on a true story, so that made it all the more touching. I can only imagine this family's struggle in raising such a child. But even more, Sandra's pain in growing up in such a world and never feeling like she belonged. Sophie Okenedo did an excellent job in portraying Sandra. She is such a wonderful actress. Worth seeing.
½ December 31, 2014
Good movie, very well done, but there was something about its atmosphere that I found a bit .... cheap? otherwise full 4-stars.
December 22, 2014
Good insight into what life is like a black person and being white in South Africa. It's a sad movie... No happy ending here
May 2, 2014
This is a very involving drama, not least thanks to a strong performance from Sophie Okonedo, who plays a black woman with white parents at the height of the Apartheid era in South Africa. She encounters a lot of prejudice and struggles to fit into society as she is shunned merely for her skin colour.
½ April 1, 2014
Film depicting the ridiculous and devastating politics that existed in apartheid South Africa, based on a true story of a black woman born to white parents in the 1950's. If you like true life, british produced drama this ones for you. Sophie Okenado is as wonderful as ever.
½ December 28, 2013
A fascinating history but a predictable movie.
November 23, 2013
This happened -- and the situation would be more than ridiculous if it were not so painful. The story starts to drag towards the end, but most of the movie is well put together.
October 30, 2013
Rip out your heart and toss it onto the White Rhinos horn, it will be better off than it having to suffer this heartbreaking movie. So well acted, that the realism bashes your very soul and then kicks it around the park for a while as the actors craft supersedes that of the content. Photography is beautiful as one expects from Africa, background sound is striking. Nibbles: Potjiekos.
October 27, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie...let me say um truth b told...moms screwed a black guy, n if anyone buys that bullshit explanation about some African DNA in their family generations from way bck..then yall dumb as her stupid ass husband..the only African DNA MRS. Laing had in her is a AFRICAN man!!
September 21, 2013
such an inspiring and beautiful movie
August 15, 2013
I am going to skip this one.
July 3, 2013
A powerful true story !
½ June 5, 2013
Buena película que refleja el racismo existente en aquellas épocas.
June 4, 2013
Great movie and even more proof to me that we are all one of the same and how stupid people are.
May 16, 2013
Good but a harrowing journey back into fiendish apartheid.
April 5, 2013
One of my fav films shows you can't assume because of someone color you know there race
October 31, 2012
good drama set in 1965 its the story of a south african white couple who sire a black baby and the contriversy it brings in a coutry divided by aparthaid
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