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February 11, 2018
good family movie, great songs
February 1, 2018
Inane conversation on a ski lift in a life or death situation. Terrible.
½ January 27, 2018
Starts off ok, then takes a crap turn for the toilet. ?? when the wolves became the only horror focus of this film, first I was disappointed, then I was rooting for the wolves. I'm absolutely sure those wolves are tame as hell. Noticed how they never actually show the wolves biting or attacking the guy.. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Maybe if wolves weren't on the brink of extinction this wouldn't piss me off so much. People don't need one more ignorant reason to go out and kill them. Enough with the FAKE killer wolves! Leave them alone!
October 29, 2017
This guy, Adam Green, puts human nature beforehand while having very intense scenes.
September 3, 2017
I have always had this fear although I haven't been on a big enough mountain for it to be feasible. Sounds terrifyingly fun.
September 3, 2017
Not bad for being on a chairlift the whole time. same concept as Open Water but on a ski slope.
½ August 11, 2017
WTF did I just watch?
A couple and the guy's best bud third wheel get left behind one night on a chairlift at a ski resort. Like all "horror" flicks, they make one shitty decision after another. But they're not organic shitty decisions. They're ridiculous only in the way that would make sense in a shitty movie that made no sense. Eg.
It's freezing out. We're getting frost bite on our faces. Let's not zip up our coats.
Oops, dropped my glove, I'll let it hang out to freeze.
I'll pull myself along the cable, but I won't use my feet and legs. I'll just use my frozen hands.
Hey, here comes a snowcat groomer thingee. Let's wait until he's pulling away and out of reach to throw all of our shit at him.
There's a blizzard... I'll jump now before there's lots of powdery fluff to break my fall.
So those are some of the idiotic moves our heroes pull, but they actually have bigger problems.
There are rabid barking wolves that don't seem to have any fear of humans.
There JUST HAPPENS to be major mechancal malfunction that could be the subject of another disaster movie. You know, because there's not enough stupid shit for our heroes to grapple with.

What an unbelievable waste of time.
August 11, 2017
I actually liked this. Though it was weak and lacking, it had good character development/interaction. It focused on realism of the characters, making it a tense thriller. Unfortunately there were several major and minor plot holes and the main villain was an unrealistic pack of wolves. Pretty lame.Actually the movie concept was good, just not executed great. This would have made for a much better 30 min short film. 6.5/10
July 7, 2017
It's a movie that leaves you wondering if there were no cell phones in 2010. Wait. Yes, there were. Then, WTF? Really? There are 3 young people in a mountain an none of them thought of carrying a cell? At least it was dealt somewhat realistically, including the misogynistic pair of guys, who were not silenced by the lady not even once.
June 27, 2017
I may be naive, however this was tense and exciting and I thought that the characters reaction to the others death is authentic and truly emotional. For that scene alone, I liked this movie. Go for it! You won't be disappointed in my opinion!
April 22, 2017
I really like this movie it's worth watching
½ March 5, 2017
Not to be confused with the joyous musically animated Disney production, this Frozen is about 3 friends who become stranded on a ski lift with the threat of nobody coming to help them, the freezing cold, and snow storms just around the corner. These are just the start of their problems as the resort won't be reopening until just under a weeks time, meaning they won't survive if they just choose to sit around. Forced to take drastic action in order to survive, the three are soon encountering life or death situations in more ways than one, in what is a compelling watch given it all takes place in one remote location of a ski slope. Admittedly quite an unlikely predicament to be placed in, but overlooking that small issue, the rest of the movie pans out very well, with enough dialogue and action to keep one gripped to this isolated scenario. Ironically, it casts Shawn Ashmore, who plays Iceman in the X-Men films, so if anyone should know how to deal with this issue, one would expect it to be him. It's just a pity his foe (Pyro) in those films isn't around to create fire when you most need one. It actually produces quite a few gruesome moments that really emphasise the drastic extent that is potentially awaiting anyone who's unfortunate to encounter this when they go skiing, Probably not realistic enough to put one off hitting the slopes, but nor is the ideal movie to be watching prior to your snowy vacation. A thoroughly enjoyable film, very recommendable, but not for the very squeamish amongst us.
February 3, 2017
great movie, very novel concept (you don't see any movies set the basically the entire time on a ski lift chair), keeps you on edge of your seat what will happen, very chilling action scenes towards end make it worth watching for sure. check this out if you can handle violence and gore.
½ February 1, 2017
The idea is far better than the execution in Frozen with stale performances, cliched plot points and a sense of "over-the-topness" that borders on humorous.
½ January 13, 2017
Nothing is realistic from beginning to end. There are no 20somethings who would ever leave their cell phones in a locker, let alone three. It is also so tiring for writers to portray wolves as man eating animals. Wolves would NEVER be living near a ski resort AND never attack a human. The only good thing about the movie, the actors did a good job of acting.
January 2, 2017
It's good movie to watch
November 25, 2016
Great thriller movie! First 45 min had me at the edge of my seat! The rest of the movie was really thrilling as well! Perfect movie for a night in with my boyfriend! Watch this movie, you won't be disappointed!
½ November 9, 2016
A very good 'what would you do?' horror about three annoying Americans trapped on a chairlift in a freezing US ski resort.
The low budget doesn't affect the quality of the film if anything it enhances it in my opinion.
Everything is shot in one place mainly, the chairlift. No CGI or green screen backgrounds.
For some reason the central three characters don't have a lift pass and manage to persuade the chairlift operator for one final ride as the resort is closing down not just for the night but a long weekend.
The operator gets distracted and leaves his post and the lift is switched down with the three stuck well above ground in freezing temperatures.
Panic sets in and one decides to try his luck falling to the ground below. Big mistake! I won't reveal the outcome but it is gory.
Wolves are in a feeding frenzy below (oh thats a clue).
Anyway what would you do with no means of communication or escape?
The director does a good job at asking that very question using the scenery to ultimate effect.
The film will appeal to anyone that likes the Adrift with circling sharks style appeal.
½ October 3, 2016
The script is unique and horrifying at times to imagine yourself in this type of crisis situation....and I guess the moral of the story is don't leave the ski lodge without your cellular telephone and a backpack with a Bear Grylls wilderness survival kit.
September 11, 2016
Not a bad little horror about three annoying American youths that get stuck on a ski lift. It's a minimal story and contains a lot of padding that you could do without. To it's credit, it does have an original plot and one which will not be forgotten the next time I get on a ski-lift.
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