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March 28, 2017
When working comes natural to us. When the times call for more work but there isn't any that we find other means of work in the meanwhile. When some work becomes full time when we sre good at it. When some kinds of work we like when its easy, fun and livens our life in a time where most people are not celebrating but we are. When it's all in a days work, when what we do is our job. When we are always working, when it pays a lot. When working makes more sense then learning. When we are always working people making everyone happy. Working other people how they ought to do their job. Working our own people when establishing whose boss. Working to make everything run smooth and when it doesn't we cancel it and start new. When we are working just about everyone when they work for us or we find out who they working for and work them. When our system works when we know how to work the in and out of things that makes others wonder how it works. When we are not working we lay low when somethings are not working when it comes to women whom we happen to work. When working crowds, making everyone happy and relaxed to working certain jobs it's all mystery. When we are constantly working when everybody wants something and we got the goods. When somethings work when we lie when we cannot jeopardize other people's work. When everyone works somethings everyone is in need of an answer. When working means the payout in return. When we give up on things that don't work. When we have to use force to things that work us when we reject them. When somethings we never intended to work works when we are given a piece of power or something else. When certain things work when they last the test of time and fit a purpose in our life and many lives. When our institutions are built on things that work when we continue to enjoy what it represents and brings to us. When our system works when we can't help it when it's in us. When we are always working on something when we are constantly in need to please and offer ourselves to others. When we are always working to make ourselves look good, feel good, know who is no good and just give the goods on where it's good and knowing we have it good. When sometimes working around other institutions causes trouble when it conflicts with other people's work when it's the law. When what works we need to cut corners whether it's legit or unlegit. When we always have to work others whom work us or comply. When somethings only work when we trust whom we work with and for. When we don't mind working the nerves of those whom we can push around when they think they are small. When we know no one works us up without getting away with it. When we must work some people to hide what we are doing. When we don't need to work anyone when all we want is some attention, some appreciation, some courtesy to those we like around. When we know we have it good but need to work to be around. When some work leads to more work. When we need to secure the future of our work by getting rid of the competition. When some work runs clock work when we schedule what we got to do with the right people and time to make everything work. When we know how to work a crowd when emotions run high. When we mix work with pleasure when we have to make sure work is going good to reassure some people. When somethings don't work when it's hard to remove. When somethings work when we are constantly straightening things out and managing everything ourselves. When somethings don't work when we miscommunicate. When somethings don't work when we do intentional to those whom we dislike and see little. When somethings work the first time that we don't mind doing the second time. When we constantly hungry that feeding the beast works and we want more and more. When we can't allow others to work us when our institutions are sacred to us and no work. When what we do is not work that makes us displeased of others working. When we are the only ones working and providing when we are trying to please ourselves and others.

When all we want is for us to be together and make it work out. When what we do others want us to not work out and take our work. When we get into deep into work we begin to show signs of unraveling that we need to rewind and get back on track. When somethings work for us when they are passed down to us proven to work that we continue. When we all have hidden workers working for us, when all eyes are on us. When somethings work when they are harmless and we play it safe. When we please everyone whom need things to work when there are multiple institutions that we need to consider. When sometimes work is only as good as those behind it. When we are gone from work too long our workers are no longer what they used to be that we need to straighten. When we find new means of work, with new goods, new workers and same workers but with a different work ethic. When keeping with appearances means we are always caring where, whom, when and what we look that naturally there is always plenty of work in every place. When our work is all over the place when it's hard to trace and keep track of. When somethings work when we keep our head low for awhile. When somethings don't work when we lose our head and focus and begin to unravel when we are paranoid. When we need to make sure things work when we bring good tidings and joy. When we need to get rid of some workers when we need a bigger cut. When we need to cover our tracks when our work is compromised. When we need to be one step ahead of those whom want to shut us down to make sure things work. When we have no choice but to make it work that we get rid of what bothers us. When following someone's actions has proven to work that we continue. When we are following the wrong people when the right people start showing up in different places that makes following not work. When having connections everywhere and in different instutions makes for somethings to workout perfectly. When we have a proven system that works when we have the goods on our own people that we know and trust have our backs and are only 100% one of us. When work is like family and there are only close members and extended members that we work the outer edges till we reach deep within. When sometimes we don't count other members we least expect that make it hard for us to work. When we can't keep an eye on everything to make sure everything works well with the right people. When overtime, over use and under hostile pressured situations we are over worked and faulty and make mistakes. When somethings work just fine but conflict when we work. When things only work we have business accepting the goods, but they no good, no work. When we have to face it, our work is done here and call the whole thing off.

When what works we are paranoid won't work when all eyes are us. When we rely on those to work, they work and others dont care to listen and work however they please when they don't know how some things work to do their own thing. When we got everything covered and know such plans will work we relax and take a hit when we are as high as a kite when some plans work too well they are meant to feel this high like a rolling stone. When we don't see we covered loose ends, that our plans don't work and we are busted. When we have to get rid of what we have been working on to hide a trace of our work from others from seeing. When we could not work permanently when we cross paths with those whom could put us out of work permanently. When we need somethings to work when we have backup plans to work. When we are worked up over our work to have no work. When being a boss we rely on our workers to work, and be happy that we work for some people to provide us work. When the way we work we are smooth operators when we get rid of the waste.

When the system only works when you comply with how other institutions work and agree to work with them. When working for other people especially your enemies means you abandon your work and co workers. When some institutions are meant to stay when they work and others that don't work disappear. When some systems that don't work we don't take the blame or fall for. When we don't know how things work, or whose pushing the buttons, to know that it doesn't work out when you can't keep it up for too long and you let many people down who rely on work to work. When you try to make somethings workout and they don't, then you have angry grieving people that no longer working or with some people who worked for our livlihood that you don't consider. When you guarantee that things are proven to work and you get people to bet their life on it, and it fails then best believe you will be worked on when your responsible for blood & no work. When somethings only workout when you connect the two together and get your connects to make it all work until it all collapses.
March 24, 2017
Amazing. This is one of the best mobster movies of all time.
March 20, 2017
One Scorsese's best films.
March 15, 2017
One of the very best gangster movies ever made.
March 14, 2017
The combination of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro cannot go wrong. Ray Liotta is brilliant in narrating the story and acting while Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci delivered powerful performances in being gangster leaders. This bunch of goodfellas is very very good indeed! The script is outstanding.
½ March 10, 2017
(First and only viewing - 8/12/2008)
March 8, 2017
An excellent glimpse into the nefarious world of the American Mafia.
March 5, 2017
One of the best movies of all time, and a classic.. the cast is amazing
½ February 27, 2017
The Godfather was a great film, probably even the best gangster movie ever made, but overall, it's just fiction, while Goodfellas is an interesting, dramatic,documentary style, movie based on a real mobster. It's also really well acted, full of memorable characters and actors and Ray Liotta really steals the show. Great movie. Recommended !!
February 22, 2017
Masterful directing from masterful director Martin Scorsese, featuring an amazing and intense performance from Joe Pesci. Dances with Wolves should have taken that Best Picture Oscar and handed it to Scorsese.
February 10, 2017
epic - just fucking epic! from start to finish. this is one of the best 90s stylized crime - gangster movies of that era. Martin scorsese is a genius!
February 9, 2017
Best movie ever made, by far my favorite
½ February 5, 2017
In a year that has had a powerful boss 3, The big memory when we talk about Mafia movies of I990 It is "Goodfellas", not to mention, following everything that a good movie has to have, "Goodfellas" has, and even a temperinho The more, with great performances, great script and precise direction, we are certainly talking about one of the best Mafia movies. Let's talk first about the film script that tells the story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), a boy who always wanted to be a gangster, here we have a complete narrative of his life, from the rise to the fall, through his dramas, love, death , Disagreements and glare. We do not have here a highly organized Italian mafia, our characters are not the "Bosses", quite the contrary, their criminal life begins with robberies and ends with traffic, their operations are well explained, such as the development of all characters, even characters Like that of Paulie who has little screen time are well developed. The photograph of the film is good, it is not memorable, but it knows how to play colors very well on screen, we do not have that dark palette as it is usually the mafia movies, here the color palette is warm, the warm weather is always present and the trail Sound is spectacular, nothing original tracks, only songs from the time when the film is passing, that passes all that sarcastic climate is counterpoint to what is being shown on screen, it is also worth mentioning the great editing and sound mixing Of the film. Joe pesci is one of the best supporting actors in the cinema, and he is completely incredible, and it's good that Scorsese did not manage to play the leading role for De niro - who does a sober and convincing performance - but for Ray Liotta, That in certain moments is even alien to the personage, but in the great part of the film delivers a mafioso very cunning, intelligent and even unconcerned with the world and its consequences. At the end of the day we have a movie that keeps its rhythm and the high level in all the acts, it is not completely perfect and not a masterpiece of the seventh art, but surely it is a spectacular movie.
February 2, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 31, 2017
Modern Scorsese gangster classic beautfilly shot and directed and acted. Personally I believe this movie to be Scorsese's homage to Orson Welles with its elaborate camerwork and long uninterrupted shots.
January 23, 2017
Probably one of my top 3 movies ever. Goodfellas is a must watch at least once a year. And don't you dare watch it on cable. This is Scorsese at the height of his career and the script he claims he's always dreamed about. DeNiro, Liotta, Pesci and Bracco are all in top form and could've all won an Oscar. The storytelling is rich. The memorable scenes and quotes are endless. "Funny how?" Goodfellas is perfect.
January 22, 2017
the greatest film ever made!
January 20, 2017
A classic and to prove how much I love this movie a watched it four nights in a row and bought it on Bluray.
January 20, 2017
Without doubt not only the best gangster film of all time but Martin Scorseses greatest masterpiece "Goodfellas"based on the true story of Irish-American gangster Henry Hill(Ray Liotta)and,with help from fellow gangsters Jimmy Conway(Robert De Niro)and Tommy Devito (An astonishing Oscar winning performance from Joe Pesci)through the Mafia ranks remains a true crime classic.
½ January 15, 2017
This is a great movie. I showed it to Dustin and Jessica the other night for their first time. Every time I watch this movie it excites me and leaves me falling in love with it. I love the ***spoiler*** coke binge scene where they are paranoid about the helicopter chasing them and then it turns out they were right to be. There are several really intense scenes in this movie too. Joe Pesci can really bring alot of tension to a scene and Ray Liotta makes for a pretty likable character. At first the movie makes you want to live a gangster life and at the end, you end up feeling the opposite. This is a classic for me.
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