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Antonius Block
Super Reviewer
December 21, 2016
A great example of film noir, 'Sorry, Wrong Caller' has a taut script, with a bed-ridden woman getting connected into a phone call between thugs planning a murder that evening, and proceeding to tell her story in flashbacks as the fateful hour looms. Barbara Stanwyck plays her character very well, ranging from dominating rich girl to frightened invalid, and a young Burt Lancaster is her handsome husband who wants to be more than a kept man. Director Anatole Litvak includes some nice shots, including a creepy pan back from Stanwyck's bedroom, out her window, and down to the shadow of an approaching man, and he's also faithful to the original radio play, which I first read in McSweeney's 'Hitchcock and Bradbury Fistfight in Heaven'. Definitely worth checking out.
February 9, 2016
Genre-defining film noir with career best performances by Barbara Stanwyk and Burt Lancaster. Essential.
½ December 5, 2015
Wonderful suspenseful thriller\film noir.
November 10, 2015
Complex but entertaining thriller with a towering performance from Barbara Stanwyck.
½ September 19, 2015
This is Stanwyck at her absolute best. Great script too! Do not miss this classic.
½ September 4, 2015
that final scene will give u chills every single time u watch it. stanwyck is so freaking good in this
August 14, 2015
Great thriller with great leading man & woman
July 11, 2015
Re-imagining this as the radio play it once was is instructive. The film could easily dispense with the visuals, which add nothing at all, and perhaps it would be more harrowing alone in the dark with just the soundtrack. And perhaps Agnes Moorhead, the original victim of this noir tragedy, would have been better and more shrewish (Barbara Stanwyck's sultry portrayal in Double Indemnity stands out a bit too much in memory to reconceptualise her in this role). The plot involves Stanwyck overhearing a murder plot on a crossed telephone line and then we (and she) learn about the possible crime's backstory through flashbacks. Of course, she's in trouble (a woman in peril again; see also The Two Mrs. Carrolls from the previous year). Burt Lancaster and William Conrad are, unfortunately, sorely neglected here and, all things considered, this is a pretty creaky show. Next time, I might turn off the screen and turn out the lights.
March 20, 2015
Electrifying film noir, marvellously directed and photographed. Terrific performances from the whole cast, although Stanwyck lays it on a bit thick. Echoes of Gaslight, Rebecca, Rear Window and Citizen Kane. What a great actor Burt Lancaster was.
February 23, 2015
Rent it, for Stanwyck.
½ January 18, 2015
Inquietante film, con una Barbara Stanwyck desbordante
July 2, 2014
Very interestingly told, almost entirely through phone conversation and flashbacks. Unfortunately, the relationships between the characters are never completely defined, giving the film a slightly muddled sense behind it.
Super Reviewer
March 31, 2014
A story of paranoia and suspense, it likely gets more positive airplay than it should. It isn't bad and Stanwyck's performance is good but it likely plays better in its original radio format.
½ March 24, 2014
Way too contrived, not much of a driving force to the movie despite the clock ticking down.
March 22, 2014
Stanwyck's performance makes you feel sorry for a very unlikable character. And that's no easy task.
½ March 8, 2014
"... the telephone is the unseen link between a million lives..."
A marca de Hitchcock é tão forte e tão presente nos nossos dias que se torna difícil apontar outros filmes da mesma categoria para além dos dele. No entanto, basta alguma paciência para encontrar outras entradas no género noir que, com todo o mérito, caracterizam da melhor forma a época em que foram produzidos.
Este Sorry, Wrong Number, pleonasmos à parte, é um filme antigo à moda antiga.
Leona Stevenson, interpretada por Barbara Stanwyck, é uma mulher jovem e rica, recentemente casada com Henry J. Stevenson, e que sofre de um mal desconhecido que a deixa agarrada à cama. No decorrer de uma noite em que se encontra sozinha em casa, recebe um telefonema inesperado: do outro lado da linha ninguém lhe fala, mas é capaz de escutar uma conversa entre dois homens que planeiam matá-la naquela noite.
O resto do filme é uma corrida contra o tempo na busca pela verdade e pela razão por detrás do motivo dos criminosos.
Com uma realização sólida e um argumento cativante e misterioso, Sorry, Wrong Number é um filme leve que agradará a qualquer fã de thrillers.
E, ao contrário do que é costume, tem um final invulgar e surpreendente ...
½ January 26, 2014
Beautiful acting and directing. A real gem !
½ January 23, 2014
Barbara Stanwyck's frenetic performance really propel this film above the standard melodrama fare. Her escalating hysteria is achieved perfectly and, with some nice narrative techniques, allows the audience to escape the confines of the single room set. Some brilliant compositions and boom shots give the film a nice sense of visual style, which makes up for the rather tame story. Forget that you know the ending after 10 minutes of watching and enjoy the ride.
June 30, 2013
Stanwyck plays a horrible, rich woman that has obtained everything she's ever wanted, including husband Burt Lancaster. When she has a phone call get crossed with another line, this thriller begins to unravel a series of events that may do her harm. Great, scary, intense film that would probably have scared the crap out of me in 1948!
April 11, 2013
A lot of talent wasted on a mediocre film.
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